Live in the Now, Cherish the Memories for a Lifetime

At Now Resorts & Spas, our motto is to “Live in the Now”. When vacationing at one of our resorts, we hope you’ll cherish the memories you create with your loved ones during your stay for a lifetime. For those who want to help those memories live on, we think you should consider making a vacation scrapbook. 

If you aren’t a pro-scrapbooker, not to worry — there re plenty of resources, tips and tools available to help guide you through the process so you can create a custom scrapbook that will become a cherished keepsake for your family for many years to come.

It goes without saying that you’ll want to round-up all of our vacation pictures for the scrapbook. But memories from your trip should also include token souvenirs such as postcards, luggage tags, restaurant napkins, wine labels, maps, matchbooks and more.  These small inexpensive or free items become symbols of special places you’ve visited and experiences you’ve had and will help tell a story about your trip in a scrapbook.

Next, make a stop at your local craft store to pick-up a scrapbook, some colored paper and photo adhesive. When you start the scrapbook, it’s best to consider how you’d like to arrange the scrapbook (ie. chronologically, geographically, or no particular order). Then you’ll want to plan out each page before attaching anything to it. Make sure you are incorporating a good mix of pictures, souvenirs and colorful backgrounds to make the pages look attractive.

Leave some room on certain pages to include narrative about memorable experiences or fun quotes from the trip. Be sure to decorate the cover of the scrapbook so it ties in with the trip. And don’t forget to include the entire family in creating the scrapbook!! You could even have each member of the family write a short description of their favorite part of the trip.

Whatever you decide to do for your scrapbook, make sure it is a true reflection of your family and the memories you shared together on your vacation. Let us know if you have any other tips or tricks to add!