Experience the Ancient Healing Powers of the Temazcal Ceremony at Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun

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At Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun, guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in ancient culture with the relaxing Temazcal ceremony and spa treatment. Routed in the Náhuatl Aztec language meaning “bath house”, the Temazcal is a protected structure where guests cleanse their bodies allowing their souls to fill with positive energy and be reborn. The ancient ceremony is led by a Shaman who walks guests through the journey allowing their worries to melt away as body, mind and soul are reconnected.

Experience with healing powers within the Temazcal at Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun

Outside the Temazcal there is an oven in which stones from the Popocatepetl –the largest active volcano in Mexico– are heated for the ceremony.

The ceremony begins with the Shaman playing sacred drums and pre-Hispanic snails.

The ceremony begins with the Shaman playing sacred drums and pre-Hispanic snails

Temazcal Ceremony

Shamans help guests reach total relaxation with the Temazcal ceremony.

Through ancient singing, prayers, heat and teas guests who have experienced the Temazcal ceremony have felt a weight lifted off their shoulders!

Sign us up! Groups of 6-10 people can take advantage of the Temazcal ceremony at Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun by contacting their concierge.

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Experience The Ancient Ritual Temazcal at Now Sapphire

Guests of Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun have the opportunity to take part in an ancient ritual called Temazcal. Leave Now Sapphire feeling rejuvenated from this experience. It is offered on the spa menu at Now Spay by Pevonia. This healing ritual will leave the participants “reborn” spiritually by releasing the mind, body and soul of stresses and toxins. It is also said to help relieve arthritis, back pain, muscle aches as well as aid skin problems.

The word ‘Temazcal’ comes from the Aztec word temazacalli that means “house of heat”.  Temazcal is known as a type of sweat lodge to clean the spirit.  A one-two hour ceremony takes place in a small dome-shaped lodge. It is a holistic healing process that uses elements of earth, wind, fire and water. At the beginning of the ceremony the Shaman, also known as healer, plays sacred drums. The next step is to bring hot stones into the center of the Temazcal after heating them up in an oven outside of the ritual space. The stones are collected from The Popocatepetl, largest active volcano in Mexico.

Herbal tea is blended and steeped in the Temazcal for all participants to sip during the ritual. Rue, eucalyptus, basil, sage and rosemary are among the types of herbs used. A “magical” stem is produced by these same herbs as well. Signing, praying and chanting are done during the ceremony. After the completion of the ritual a cold shower is recommended to help re-hydrate and regulate the body’s temperature.

Guests can make reservations with the spa to be a part of a Temazcal ceremony during their stay. It is most commonly scheduled sunset. It cost $190 per person or $320 per couple. There is a minimum of five people for each ceremony so check with the spa for availability. Please email our Spa Manager at spa.nosrc@nowresrots.com for more information.