It’s #BeachThursday on Instagram!

Start getting ready for the beach this summer and take a look some of our favorite Now Resorts & Spas Instagram beach shots!  Our guests love snapping pictures of our beaches with plenty of bright blue Caribbean sky and ocean – each picture looks like a breath of fresh air!

To get shots as great as these, here are a few tips:

  1. Start with your phone camera, not Instagram – this way, you can choose the best effect for your shot later.
  2. Try other apps before importing to Instagram – we suggest Dynamic Light or Camera +. Both offer great editing options that will make your Instagram photos look unique and polished.
  3. Layer your filters – After applying one filter, minimize the filter bar and take a screen shot. Use the new image with a new filter, and so on.  The possibilities are endless!
  4. Try new angles- like from below or above for a dramatic shot.  And remember:  the Instagram world IS square – keep that in mind when choosing a composition.
  5. Be detail-oriented – Take follow-up shots of a detail or part of your original subject.  This gives your followers an interesting perspective.

Be sure to try our Intagram tips next time you’re out and about.  If you want to see more photos where these came from, follow us on Instagram. And don’t forget to tag your best vacation photos with #NowResorts when you visit.  Happy Beach Thursday!


Photo taken at Now Amber Resort & Spa


Photo taken at Now Amber Resort & Spa


Photo taken at Now Resort & Spa


Photo taken at Now Jade Resort & Spa


Photo taken at Now Resorts & Spas

Introducing the Now Resorts & Spas Instagram Profile!

We are happy to announce that Now Resorts & Spas guests can get their daily dose of sunshine by following us on Instagram!  We spend so much time in gorgeous tropical places, we thought it would be nice to share some of the views.

Instagram NOW 3_20

We are snapping shots of everything from inside our favorite buildings, to our infinity pools and beaches. So, if you would like to add some serene photos of our resorts to your daily routine, follow us today and start tagging your photos with #NowResorts!  We are warning you: you may have the sudden urge to take a vacation to the Caribbean.