Mamajuana: Traditional Drink of the Dominican Republic

As part of the Unlimited-Luxury® experience at Now Larimar Punta Cana guests enjoy endless premium drinks at a variety of bars and lounges.  All of the familiar tropical drinks are served including piña coladas, daiquiri, coco locos and more but we want to introduce you to a drink you probably never heard of, mamajuana  (mama-Ja-wanna). It is a traditional drink of the Dominican Republic.

The drink is a mixture of dark rum, red wine, and honey infused with an assortment of herbs and spices. Many natural flavors are soaked up by letting the alcohol sit in a bottle of tree bark, roots and herbs for at least three days. Recipes vary and sometimes it includes molasses, or cinnamon to give it a unique taste. The longer it sits before serving the more flavors are infused into the drink.  The drink is poured into a glass straining out any leaves or tree bark from getting into it. Mamajuana is typically served as a shot but it can also be enjoyed mixed into a cocktail.  

Wondering where the name came from? The direct translation is ‘Mother Jane’ and the name is originated from the kind of bottle that the drink is prepared in, demijohn (dehm-ee-jon), a large squat bottle with a short narrow neck usually covered in wicker. Demijohn is derived from the French “Dame Jeanne” (Lady Jane In the Spanish-speaking countries, Dame Jeanne was transformed into “Dama Juana” and later, in some places, into “Mama Juana” (mother Jane). 

For guests that want to bring the flavors of the Dominican Republic home, shop at the duty-free stores at the airport. Bottles of the roots and herbs infusing in a liquid are sold and all that needs to be done in order to enjoy the mamajuana is to drain out the liquid, add rum and soak for a few days.  After the rum has been infused with the roots and herbs in the bottle it can be sipped.  Mamajuana is said to be an aphrodisiac so drink with caution! Cheers.

Mamajuana soaking in roots and herbs