Kids Yoga at Now Jade

Now Jade Riviera Cancun is committed to providing fun and exciting activities for guests of all ages at our resort. As part of our Unlimited-Luxury® privileges, we are excited to now offer a children’s yoga class, allowing kids to experience the health benefits associated with this booming health craze among adults.

A qualified, experienced yoga teacher will lead the class through a series of kid-friendly yoga poses that help build physical strength and flexibility. The class also encourages mental growth and personal development in kids of all ages.

Want to know some of the other benefits for children? Yoga teaches the value of self-esteem and how to accept our own limits. It allows children to participate in a healthy, non-competitive exercise while promoting concentration, focus and attention. Yoga also teaches children how to feel good, take care of themselves and let go of stress.

Children’s yoga is not only healthy; it’s lots of fun! The class is approached with a sense of humor and provides children with an environment to express themselves in joyful movement. If you’re planning to visit our resort with your children, be sure to check the daily Sundial at the resort for information about our fitness classes.