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Now Resorts & Spas offer singles, couples and families a fresh vacation experience in a fun and cheerful destination. Amazing suites, impressive amenities and exhilarating pursuits, alongside sparkling seas and sun-drenched beaches. A wondrous place where play and party are just steps from peace and quiet.  Enjoy Unlimited-Luxury® where everything is included: Elegantly appointed rooms and suites with 24-hour concierge and room services.

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  1. I just wan tto ask you a question about parking. I will have a rental car from the airport and I just want to ask you how much do you charge for daily parking? please let me know.

    • Hi Lucy,

      We can’t wait to welcome you to our resort! Which resort are you planning to stay at? Please email our concierge at Now Jade (concierge.nojrc@nowresorts.com) or Now Sapphire (concierge.nosrc@nowresorts.com) for the answer to your question. Thanks!

  2. Does anyone have the contact details for reception at the NOW Lorimar Punta Cana ? I was wondering if they offer an airport transfer service.

    Thanks Andy

  3. Hello, I’d like to know, ¿How can I confirm a reservation in Now Larimar Resort in Punta Cana?. I did this reservation in http://www.booking.com. I have received the confirmation from booking.com, but I’ll be more relaxed when I will have notice from the hotel. I did write e-mails without responses. I really hope that you can help me if indicate me some e-mail address where I can let my doubts and questions…

    I have a number of reservation and a code from booking.com in Now Larimar Resort Punta Cana.

    Thank you very much!

    • Been at Now Sapphire for the last 6 years and I never had anything missing. The staff were all pleasant and very helpful.

  4. I had my best ever time of my life experience at the now jada ! Had the best people working at the resort to make that experience possible. The food was awsome service exceptal! .My sons wedding was great! We as a group will return! Thanks so much!

  5. Had a perfect vacation at Now Jade. Planning a trip in the fall to Now Larimar. Was wondering if the food & drinks offered are the same. Found Now Jade to have excellent food & drinks with a great selection. Did not care for the food & drinks in Punta Cana on a previous trip, totally different resort.

  6. Hello. I am trying to book a vacation for my family this summer. We are looking for a 2 bedroom or connecting rooms in Puerto Vallarta. The Dreams representative I called referred your Now Amber, but when I called she stated she cannot guarantee connecting rooms? What can I do? how can I get pricing and information?- thank you

  7. Hello,

    I was in the Punta Cana, Dominican May 1st thru May 5th at Now Larimar and I just wanted to thank Jules Celestin for his kindness, thoughtfulness, and his assistance. Jules was very professional when he invited my sister and I to attend one of the Unlimited Vacation Club tours. He checked on us any time we were in the lobby to make sure we being taken care of during our stay. It is young men like Jules that make a trip worthwhile. Kudos to Jules.

    One thing that I did not appreciate was the attitude of the young man (I cannot remember his name) that conducted our pre tour breakfast. He was very unprofessional and did not value our time. He was rude. He wasted valuable time talking about his night out to watch the fight. I just got tired of him and decided that I was no longer interested in going thru with the tour. He really got perturbed at that time and put on a show with his peers while we were still in his presence which to me was also very unprofessional. He needs more development and training if he is going to continue dealing with the tourists.

    Again, please thank Jules Celestin.

  8. Hi there can you tell me if there is a microwave in the junior suite ocean view room in the Now Amber Puerto Vallarta.


  9. This is the second last day for us. We have been here for 5 days already and enjoyed everything here. Me and my wife are thinking about to buy the vacation club package from you guys. However, this is the first time we spent time in the resort beach. We live in the NOW and we want to take some pics. So we decide go to the SECRET beach to take some pics and less people there. Unfortunately, this is NOT a good experience AT ALL! We walked into the secret lobby and it only states “ Adults Only” and never told us that we can’t go to the secret beach! There’s a waiter name “Omar” told my wife and friends said that they are not allowed in this beach! He called a security and the security and his colleague talk to them TWICE in front of the public people. This is our honeymoon! She feels being personal attacked and the reason is we can’t speak Spanish? Or we are Asian looking? The security also told the staff to watch them leave!! Are we stay in prison or hotel????She feels embarrassed and racist. She’s crying and talk to me. I think it is the better way to email you guys before we post on the Facebook and other social media. Again, even though we are Asian looking but we are all US citizens. I feel it’s a personal attack. Why other people from NOW and they can stay on the secret beach without being “ask”? Please advice!

  10. Hi we were at the resort during the summer and had a nice time. I purchased some of the aromatherapy oil that you have streaming through your vents in the lobby. Is there a way to get more shipped to me? I bought it from the spa. Please let me know, we love the scent.!!

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