Top 5 Reasons to Take a Family Vacation to Now Resorts & Spas!

There is nothing better than a vacation with the entire family! From family photos on the beach to sharing laughs over a delicious meal — family time is the best time on a vacation getaway!

Today we’re going to share with you the top 5 reasons to have a family vacation at Now Resorts! Read on for our top favorites!


Enjoy a family vacation at Now Resorts & Spas!

5. Entertainment for the Entire Family!


There is fun for everyone at Now Resorts! Take part in a scuba lesson!

4. Excursions!


There is nothing better than visiting a new place with the entire family at Now Resorts!

3. Pool Time

Actividades VolleyBall alberca 2 - Now Sapphire

Pool time is the best time at Now Resorts!

2. Unlimited food and snacks!


Indulge in delicious snacks and meals with the whole family at Now Resorts!

1. The beach


Set your sights on the beach with the entire family at Now Resorts!

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Now Resorts & Spas offer vibrant beachfront settings in Mexico and the Caribbean perfect for multi-generational travel, families with teens and tweens as well as couples and friends. Enjoy a family-friendly, modern vacation experience, where play and party are just steps away from peace and quiet. The Unlimited-Luxury® concept surpasses the typical all-inclusive with a daily refreshed mini-bar, limitless access to gourmet dining options, pool and beach wait service, and so much more! Spacious rooms and suites are graciously appointed and luxuriously equipped with amenities. Active and lively settings provide entertainment for all ages and are the perfect setting for a family reunion, a wedding or a social group getaway.

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