Soccer Fest 2018 at Now Resorts & Spas

Happy Friday to all of our Now Resorts & Spas fans! Visiting a Now Resorts property between June 14th and July 15th?! You’re in luck, because our Entertainment Teams are preparing for the most lively Soccer Fest celebration! Read on to see what types of themed activities select Now Resorts & Spas properties will have!

Come enjoy themed activities at Now Resorts & Spas that the whole family can enjoy!

Select Now Resorts & Spas will have a range of family-friendly activites for guests who are cheering on their favorite teams during the 2018 games! Partake in soccer themed activites on the beach and around the resort. After, cool down with themed drinks and snacks at pop up snack bars! When your favorite team is playing, swing by the beach or sports bar for live broadcasts. Our Soccer Fest celebration will not dissapoint even the most deidcated fans!

Kick it on over to the Scores Sports Bar at Now Larimar!

Now Resorts & Spas offer vibrant beachfront settings in Mexico and the Caribbean perfect for multigenerational travel, families with teens and tweens as well as couples and friends. Enjoy a family-friendly, modern vacation experience, where play and party are just steps away from peace and quiet.

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