WOW Story of the Week: Now Jade Riviera Cancun

This week, we’re bringing you a charming WOW story from Now® Jade Riviera Cancun!

A WOW story highlights a particular instance in which a resort went above and beyond for a guest or group. These moments are special and ones that we hope our guests will always remember from their time at Now Resorts & Spas. We’re so excited to share this week’s story with you.

Keep reading for this romantic and delightful WOW story!

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From surprise flowers to a personalized puzzle to a romantic wine cellar dinner, these guests experienced several WOW moments during their anniversary celebration at Now Jade Riviera Cancun!

Today’s story is about Mark and Allison, a couple who came to Now Jade to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Upon arriving at the resort, Mark contacted our Chief Concierge, Isabel, to ask if the hotel could place a small decoration in the room — he wanted to surprise his wife. Isabel and the Now Jade team decided to take things a little further and not only honor the request, but also prepare a series of unexpected surprises…

The team decorated the room as planned, but they also left the couple a letter, which contained a clue: they were asked to come to our Zumba class. As soon as they showed up, our team welcomed them with a bouquet of 25 roses and the guests by the pool congratulated the couple on their anniversary. Alison, with tears in her eyes, thanked everyone for the wonderful surprise. We took the opportunity to take a photo of the couple that morning, which we later used to create another special moment!

The following day, Mark and Allison received a second clue inviting them to our Mexican show. When they arrived, they received a gift so they would always remember Now Jade and our Mexican traditions.

Finally, as our last clue, we sent a custom puzzle of the photo we had taken. When they put the pieces together, they were able to see a message leading them to the last surprise: we had set up a romantic dinner in our wine cellar. As soon as the couple arrived we played the song they danced to at their wedding 25 years ago.

Mark and Allison couldn’t believe all the details and thought we put into planning these wonderful moments during their stay. They mentioned how exciting it was for them to wait for a little clue every day! Thanks for visiting us, Mark & Allison, and kudos to our fantastic, creative team at Now Jade for arranging this series of WOW moments.

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