WOW Story of the Week from Now Jade!

Happy #WOWWednesday from Now® Resorts & Spas! Today, we have an exciting WOW Story to share with you from our very own, Now Jade Riviera Cancun!

A WOW Story highlights a particular instance in which a resort went above and beyond for a guest or group.

Read on to learn how Now Jade made sure Gil and Lior remembered their trip for a lifetime!


We are so glad Now Jade Riviera Cancun went above and beyond for Gil and Lior!

This #WOWWednesday story focuses on Gil and Lior – a young couple who chose Now Jade Riviera Cancun to celebrate their first year of marriage. The couple’s best friend, Gonen, contacted the resort, asking if they could help make this stay special for the couple.

The resort was excited to help make this surprise an unforgettable one for the couple! Gonen sent the resort pictures, which the resort printed out and used to create unique decorations from one corner of their room to the other, forming a large frame around room. The resort also had rose petals laid out on the floor in the shape of a heart and the number one to signify their first year of marriage.

The resort also decided to organize a Mayan ceremony for the couple so they would learn more about the area’s culture. Through this Mayan ritual, the couple would connect with the natural elements of the earth, reinforce their bonds of love, and purify and bless their relationship. The altar was set up in front of the beach and featured flowers, seeds, copal and balche (Mayan wine with purifying properties) while local music played in the background.

The resort’s Preferred Club Coordinator met the couple at the Preferred Lounge. He told them he was going to take them to a special dinner, but they never imagined the surprise the resort had ready for them!

As soon as the couple saw the set up Now Jade had prepared for them, they were very excited! The resort explained the ceremony to them and they were very happy to be part of it.

Gil and Lior told the resort it was an emotional and unique moment for them, since they live in Israel and had never seen a ceremony like this one before. To close with a last special surprise, the resort prepared a special dinner with dishes from the region so they could experience different cultural offerings.

We are proud of the Now Jade staff for going above and beyond for Gil and Lior!

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