Go Green with Now Jade!

Set along 2,600 feet of pure crystal white sand and nestled within a tropical paradise, Now Jade Riviera Cancun is home to many species of wildlife who call Riviera Cancun their home.

During your stay you might have the opportunity to spot one of these adorable lizards darting through the lush landscape that surrounds our resort. These friendly, but shy creatures are one of the many species we are committed to protecting, along with their natural habitat.

NOW jade rc

You might spot one of these tiny lizards during your stay at Now Jade Riviera Cancun!

In order to continue protecting the wildlife that lives near and around Now Jade Riviera Cancun, we have employed a variety of eco-friendly and socially responsible practices to promote a sustainable tourism environment.

Some of the green policies that Now Jade has adopted include:
  • Energy-saving, motion-sensor light switches
  • Water-efficient bathroom systems
  • Biodegradable bathroom amenities (shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, body wash)
  • Grease from kitchen safely discarded through a third-party
  • 100% eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Discarded paper used for arts & crafts in the Explorer’s Club
  • Waste recycling program
  • Protected mangroves surround resort
  • Turtle release program

Below are some of the environmentally conscious organizations of which Now Jade is proud to be a member:

Amigos de Sian Ka’an

NOW AMIGOSNow Jade is a proud member of Amigos de Sian Ka’an, the mission of which is to conserve biodiversity, promote the socioeconomic development of local communities, and influence environmental culture and policies.

Mesoamerican Reef Tourism Initiative

NOW MARTISince 2009, Now Jade has been an active member of the Mesoamerican Reef Tourism Initiative (MARTI), helping to sustain community development and protect the Mesoamerican Reef.

In order to be a member of MARTI, Now Jade has adopted many new policies and practices that assist in our effort to remain an eco-friendly ambassador of travel.

NOW jade reef system

Now Jade Riviera Cancun is committed to protecting the beautiful reef systems that surround our property.

Because of Now Jade’s commitment to promoting responsible tourism and eco-friendly practices, we have also been honored with several awards!

Rainforest Alliance

NOW rainforest alliance

Now Jade has achieved significant and measurable sustainability milestones and has been awarded with the Rainforest Alliance Verified™ mark. The requirements for verification are aligned with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria. This verification assures the commitment of Now Jade to reduce the impact of its activities on the planet and local communities.

 TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Silver Level

NOW tripadvisor_greenleadersThe TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program awards eco-friendly hotels that are committed to green practices. This honor was awarded to Now Jade in 2015.

Interested in experiencing the eco-friendly practices at Now Jade Resorts Riviera Cancun? Now’s the perfect time! Take a moment to browse our special offers and save up to 40% off your stay when you book now!

One thought on “Go Green with Now Jade!

  1. I think this is pretty serious, (let me say those lizards are pretty awesome when they run in two legs!) but protecting the animals or the environment in any way is really important, since there is nothing else without it, and we have reached some alarmant levels, but great for you guys!

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