Kayak, Repel, Snorkel and Zipline Through Cenotes at Now Sapphire!

Experiencing cenotes should be on everyone’s bucket list. These incredible geological formations, unique to the Yucatan peninsula, are formed over many years when rainwater dissolves limestone, resulting in flooded caverns. Erosion causes these water-filled caves to collapse, revealing beautiful and mysterious cenotes to the outside world!


The bright blue sky reflects on the water to create an enchanting effect. Photo credit: Xenotes Oasis Maya

Visitors to Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun can experience four different kinds of cenotes in natural surroundings with a tour from Xenotes Oasis Maya. The tour takes visitors to an oasis in the middle of the jungle where they kayak, rappel, snorkel and zipline to explore the different types of cenotes.


Experience the natural beauty of Mexico on your cenote tour. Photo credit: Xenotes Oasis Maya


Would you be brave enough for this? Photo credit: Xenotes Oasis Maya

Cenotes were considered a source of life for ancient Mayans. Cenotes provided them with water, and also represented an entrance to the other world. Guests on the Xenotes Oasis Maya tour will also learn all about these fascinating Mayan legends and the Aluxes, Mayan legendary guardians of the jungle.


It’s easy to see why the Mayans thought cenotes were portals to another world! Photo credit: Xenotes Oasis Maya

If you’re interested in this adventure, email info.nosrc@nowresorts.com and visit http://www.xenotes.com for more information!

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