A Very Special Seasonal Guest Visits Now Amber

It’s the most wonderful time of year and the man of the hour is resting up for his big day! Most people picture Santa Claus in his typical red snowsuit and surrounded by snow at the North Pole, but we think he’s rocking those khaki shorts and sunglasses. You can’t blame the man for seeking some rest and relaxation at Now Amber Puerto Vallarta before he embarks on his annual journey around the world. If anyone deserves to lay back and sip a fruity concoction on the beach, it’s Santa!


Some of our guests at Now Amber Puerto Vallarta were especially excited by our very special guest!

We were honored to host Mr. Kris Kringle himself, and our younger guests were especially thrilled at this special guest appearance. Who knows… perhaps he enjoyed his vacation enough to make a reappearance in a couple weeks for our official holiday celebrations!


Santa sheds his iconic suit for some more comfortable attire during his vacation to Now Amber Puerto Vallarta.


Of course Santa took some time to hear special gift requests during his stop at Now Amber Puerto Vallarta.


Santa settles in for an afternoon snooze at Now Amber Puerto Vallarta in preparation for a busy Christmas Eve.

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