Wedding Wednesday: Creative Guest Books for a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding at Now Resorts & Spas is anything but ordinary, so why spoil the fun with a typical, boring guestbook? A unique guestbook can be a great way to let family and friends unleash their creative sides, impart words of wisdom and create keepsakes that you’ll cherish forever. A creative guestbook can even be incorporated in to your home décor, always there to remind you of your special day and those you shared it with. We’ve put together some inventive guestbook ideas to get you started.

  • Message in a Bottle: Choose high-quality parchment paper and ribbon for a vintage, eye-catching look. If you have the patience, wait until your one-year anniversary to read all the well-wishes!
Message in a Bottle Guest  Book by Decadent Designs

Message in a Bottle Guest Book by Decadent Designs

  • Shell Collection: Nothing says “beach” like a beautiful collection of shells! Have guests sign them with metallic pens and display in a large glass jar or basket.
  • Destination Map: For a destination wedding, find a map of the region and have guests sign either the map or a mat for it. Vintage maps look best, but are hard to come by! Check out these tips on how “fake” a vintage parchment look.
Custom map guest book by Inspired Art

Custom map guest book by Inspired Art

  • Postcards: Create a collection of postcards from your destination for guests to sign. Keep them in a memory box or scrapbook to look over when you need some words of kindness or wisdom.
  • Photo Guestbook: Everyone loves taking photos! Using a Polaroid camera, guests can take instant photos to insert in to a scrapbook with special messages.


Do you have any additional ideas for creating a unique guestbook? Share them with us on Facebook or in the comment section below!

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