Light Up the Night at Now Jade Riviera Cancun & Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun!

Here at Now Jade Riviera Cancun and Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun – we have plenty of daytime activities to keep you occupied. It doesn’t matter if the kids and teens are engaging in supervised activities, if the adults are relaxing at the spa, or if you are just relaxing on the beach and at the pool as a family – it’s endless. But, the fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. At Now Jade & Now Sapphire, our Entertainment Teams have plenty of excitement in store for guests!


  • Exciting Bars and Lounges: At night, we have numerous bars and lounges open at both Now Jade and Now Sapphire. At Now Jade – you can enjoy an ice-cold draft while you catch the big game at Scores, sip on a top-shelf spirit at the Moments lobby bar or relax in a private atmosphere in The Lounge (Preferred Club guests only). Now Sapphire also has the Moments lobby bar, additionally you can visit Eclipse Night Club to sip a drink and dance the night away. These bars are open up until 1am – so trust in our babysitting service and leave the kids in the room!
  • Live Entertainment: Now Jade and Now Sapphire offer a variety of themed parties, shows and dinners. These are held at a variety of locations at the resorts, and most are family-friendly! At Now Jade, some of the live nightly entertainment includes: “Idol Singing” shows, “Mexican” shows, guest entertainers, “Circus” shows, “Casino Night”, and fire-breathers. In addition to some of the themed nights that Now Jade have, Now Sapphire also offers salsa lessons, karaoke, “Perfect Couple” shows, break-dance shows and much more. There are Mexican and Caribbean dinner shows held at both resorts. The different shows are not limited to those above – new shows are introduced every month! Some of these shows are presented at the indoor theater or outside by the beach/pool.
Guests bringing in the New Year at Now Jade!

Guests celebrating the New Year at Now Jade!

  • Kids and Teens: If the adults want to have a night out, no problem! The kids can enjoy fun night activities at the Explorer’s club, such as camp-out nights (complete with a camp fire and marshmallows!), kid-friendly movies and even mini-discos! Teens can mix and mingle together at the Core Zone with disco mixers, foam parties and much more.
  • Family-Bonding Time: Looking for more? Families can watch big screen movies on the beach at Now Sapphire and at the plaza at Now Jade. Movies shown are anything from action-filled flicks to family-friendly movies. Families can also enjoy being tossed around by a mechanical bull, participating in game shows and joining in on a Mexican feria!

Don’t forget that Now Resorts & Spas love to celebrate holidays and special events! The Entertainment Team at both Now Jade and Now Sapphire will throw night parties for special events such as the Super Bowl or the Final Four and formal evenings for the Oscars or New Years Eve. Sometimes, our resorts will throw parties for our guests – just because! Follow Now Jade and Now Sapphire on social media to be updated on special events coming up at our resorts.

Now Jade Riviera Cancun Facebook Page

Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun Facebook Page

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