5 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Family Vacation

Everyday we find ourselves running in a hundred different directions. Even in the summer when things should be more relaxed, parents are working overtime, teens are working/interning when they can while enjoying their prized social lives and the kids are off at camp and weekday sleepovers/play dates. We don’t have nearly as much quality family time as we should anymore – so why not take a break from the norm? We’ve come up with 5 reasons why you should plan a trip with your family today.

1.     Vacation Time – It’s There for a Reason!

According to the Ipsos research firm, a study conducted in 2010 showed that only 57% of Americans used their full vacation time. If you’re part of the other 43% that doesn’t take as much vacation time as they should, start planning! You work hard and you surely deserve a break.

2.     Getting the Bang for Your Buck.

Our resorts surpass the “all-inclusive” concept by providing guests with Unlimited-Luxury®. When you stay at our resorts, you get fantastic amenities such as spacious guest rooms and suites, limitless access to gourmet dining with no reservations required.  Also included are bottomless top-shelf spirits, endless daily land and water activities, live nightly entertainment, Explorer’s Club for kids 3-12, Core Zone for teens 13-17 and so much more! Its all included, and you don’t need to wear a wristband (no one likes those awkward wrist tan-lines!).

3.     Not-So-Typical Holidays.

Spend your next holiday in paradise! Grab grand-mom and grand-pop, cousins, aunts and uncles, and enjoy a Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah celebration on the beach. You won’t feel like your missing out, because our Entertainment Teams are always sure to plan great holiday parties by the pool and on the beach. Especially for those in the northern US states or Canada, wouldn’t you love to be laying on a beach in warm weather, rather than freezing in bitter wintry conditions?!

4.     Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Does mom or dad have a big 40th or 50th birthday coming up? Is your child finally graduating from college or high school? These are perfect excuses to get away. Our staff love it when you share your special days with us and we’ll often have surprises and treats waiting for you during your stay!

5.     Quality Bonding Time.

This is the most important reason! Though we have adult, teen and child specific activities for when you all want your alone time, we are very focused on providing plenty of family-oriented activities that create a great opportunity for bonding. A few good laughs together could rekindle any relationship.

Parents, before you know it, you’re kids will leave the nest and your lives will go in different directions. Now is the perfect time to plan a trip and be together!

A family all dressed up for dinner at Now Amber.

Family all dressed up for dinner at Now Amber.

A family posting for a picture with Santa Claus at Now Sapphire during Christmas 2012.

A family posting for a picture with Santa Claus at Now Sapphire during Christmas 2012.

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