Seven Items to Pack in Your Family Beach Bag


When you’re visiting Now Resorts & Spas, you’ll definitely want to hit the palm-studded beach and jump into the crystal clear ocean.  With that being said, it’s important that you’re prepared for a day on the beach with a bag full of necessities for the whole family.  We’ve made a list of seven things that you should pack in your family beach bag:

1.     Sunscreen and Lip-Balm – Reapply often to protect you and your family from the strong sun.

2.     Water – Grab some water bottles from the daily refreshed mini bar to stay hydrated.

3.     Sunglasses – Protect your eyes from the bright sun so that you can play outside all day.

4.     First Aid – Accidents happen, so make sure that you have plenty of band aids, ointment and even ibuprofen.

5.     Water Goggles – These are great for kids when they want to explore an under water world in the ocean.

6.     Ball or Frisbee – Bring along a tennis ball, a pig-skin or a Frisbee to throw around in the sand or in the water.

7.     Bucket and Shovel – Create sandcastle masterpieces with your kids.

Whether you’re planning to get into a competitive round of beach volleyball, scale an inflatable iceberg in the ocean, snorkel off the shore, or sunbathe on a beach chair – you’ll definitely want to pack these things so that you’re able to have a fun day in the sun!

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