Five Fun Beach Activities for Kids

The sun, the sand, the ocean—what’s not to love about the beaches at Now Resorts & Spas? It is often the perfect place for family bonding, especially when there are fun activities for everyone to enjoy! If you’re searching for a way to keep yourself entertained and your kids occupied on the beach while staying at Now Resorts & Spas, look no further than these five “kid-friendly” seaside activities:

  • Building Sandcastles-This can even be fun for the adults! Try having a contest to see who can build the tallest tower, best castle or biggest moat.
The Van Matre family proudly poses with their beautiful castle crafted out of gorgeous white sand.

The Van Matre family proudly poses with their beautiful castle crafted out of gorgeous white sand.

  • Shell Collecting-Take a walk with your child on the beach as you both search for hidden gems in the sand. After collecting the shells, encourage your child to use them in a creative way—on a sandcastle, on a work of art or in a piece of jewelry.


  • Water Trampoline- Many of our resorts feature a gigantic water trampoline just offshore! Your children will love to swim out there and jump around for a bit.


  • Sharks and Minnows-This childhood game is a variation on the classic game of tag.  Played in water or on land, the game begins with one person who is chosen as the shark. The shark runs around and tries to tag the other players, who function as the minnows. Once the shark tags a minnow, that person becomes immobile and must help the shark to tag the remaining minnows from an anchored position. The last remaining minnow wins the game.
  • Beach Volleyball-Beach volleyball is typically an activity reserved for adults, but that doesn’t mean your family cannot enjoy it! Try finding a smaller net—a badminton one, for example—and start up a game with your kids. Feel free to improvise and make up custom rules that suit your family.


What are some of your favorite activities when you hit the beach? Share with us in our comment section below.

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