Five Reasons to Book a Girlfriends Getaway with Now Resorts & Spas Today!

What is better than a Girls’ Night Out? A Girlfriends Getaway – to tropical beach of course!  Ladies who want to get together and spend quality relaxation time together can get extra special treatment at Now Resorts & Spas with our Girlfriends Getaway package.

Plan a trip with your best of friends to a Now Resort & Spa and all of you can enjoy the extra pampering you deserve – like champagne and strawberries upon arrival, a manicure and pedicure session, free access to the spa’s wet areas and 10% off all spa treatments, daily yoga sessions at our Dominican Republic and Mexico resort locations and one morning with a special room service breakfast of mimosas, pastries and fruit.  We will also send you home with a group photo, the perfect souvenir to remember a girl’s vacation in paradise.  Come for bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations or just to catch up and have fun – but remember: leave the boys at home!

Girl Getaway

The Top Five Reasons to Book a Girlfriend Getaway Now

1)    You can catch up with your friends – you know it’s been a while!

2)    Spending time with friends alleviates stress – combined with your spa discount you can go home feeling ten years younger.

3)    Your friends will make sure you get an even tan.

4)    You can go dancing together – and bust all of your old moves!

5)    You can go to Mexico or Dominican Republic with your friends to eat, drink, dance and relax – together!


4 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Book a Girlfriends Getaway with Now Resorts & Spas Today!

  1. I would love to have the receipe for the Purple Surprise drink at the prefered pool made by Antonio. Thank you!

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