Top 5 Activities at Now Amber Puerto Vallarta

Now Resorts & Spas have plenty of land and water activities so you can make the most out of your vacation, whether you prefer land or sea.  Today, we want to highlight a few of our guests’ favorites available at Now Amber Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta.  Some are classic activities at a beach resort but others may surprise you!*


  • Water Trampoline – Most people have jumped on mini-trampolines, whether in gym class at school or at an aerobics class at the gym, but have you ever tried a water trampoline?  Water trampolines are outrageously fun and especially thrilling – the feeling of bouncing over water is quite a rush!  Our trampoline is one of our guests’ favorite activities and it gives hours of enjoyment to children and adults alike!
  • Inflatable Scalable Iceberg – Another great water activity is our scalable iceberg!  Luckily, our iceberg isn’t cold at all – just really fun to climb.  And, if you slip or let go, you just go splashing into the water!  No harnesses are necessary.  We like to have climbing races to see who can climb the fastest or splash the biggest!
  • Golfing – Try all three nearby ranges during your visit to experience all of the breathtaking views of Puerto Vallarta. From views of the Marina and dense forests of Palm and Fiscus trees natural lagoons and swift creeks, these world-class 18-hole courses have some of the most unforgettable golfing in the Caribbean.  Remember to book golf days in advance with your concierge!
  • Horseback Riding – Whether you are an experienced equestrian or brand-new to horseback riding, riding at Now Amber is a favorite activity for the whole family.  Arrange a horseback riding outing during your stay to enjoy a fun ride along a beach and feel the breeze in your hair as you take in the gorgeous landscapes.
  • Jet Skiing – For the adventure-lovers visiting Now Amber, jet skiing is one of our most exhilarating activities.Rent a jet ski during your stay to zip around the ocean at top speed for a fast a fun way to experience Puerto Vallarta’s picturesque ocean.

*Additional costs may apply for excursions and activities.

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