Now Jade and Now Sapphire Go Green

Now Jade Riviera Cancun and Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun are committed to promoting a sustainable tourism environment in the Yucatan Peninsula. Both resorts launched a variety of eco-friendly and socially responsible practices. Recently, their  efforts were recognized by being awarded with the Rainforest Alliance Verificationmark. The requirements for verification are aligned with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria. This verification assures the commitment of Now Jade to reduce the impact of its activities on the planet and local communities.

The resorts encourage their guests to be mindful of the environment as well. Small steps really do help the overall effort by eliminating waste and being committed to the local surroundings. Guests will see reminders of the programs throughout the resorts.  Various recycling bins can be found as well as friendly reminders in guest rooms reminding guests to minimize the number of towels and linens being used to conserve water.

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