Get to Know Puerto Vallarta

As if its name doesn’t give it away, the newest member of the Now Resorts & Spas family, Now Amber Puerto Vallarta is situated in the beautiful town of Puerto Vallarta. We will be welcoming our first guests this April! In addition to the Unlimited-Luxury® vacation at Now Amber, we invite our guests to explore the exciting sites of the city we call home.

Puerto Vallarta was once named La Ciudad Mas Amigable en el Mundo, or friendliest city in the world, a name that it continues to live it up to even today. Puerto Vallarta features open-air cafés, chic boutiques and modern art galleries lining the seaside sidewalk.  This quaint town is surrounded by the gorgeous natural beauty of the San Madre Mountains, lush jungles and Bahía de Banderas, which serves as Puerto Vallarta’s aquatic playground. It begins where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, forming one of the largest bays in the world and the largest in Mexico. The mountains and jungles offer a wealth of land-based adventures, from canopy tours to cultural exploration of the Huichol. When the sun goes down, the fun continues at Puerto Vallarta’s vast array of nightclubs.

Puerto Vallarta’s mix of cobblestone streets and contemporary zones with its vast array of activities makes it an easy and worthwhile place to visit. As Matt Long of Landlopers recently said about his visit to Puerto Vallarta, “Travel isn’t only about relaxing on the beach and getting away from it all. A truly great trip is about exploration and education; learning more about the local destination you are visiting.”

Not only is it easy to grab a cab and spend the day or night in downtown Puerto Vallarta, but it’s just simple to immerse yourself in Puerto Vallarta’s culture right at our resorts. From local artists and menu additions to interactions with our staff, visiting Now Amber Puerto Vallarta will allow you to experience this fabulous town firsthand.

Book your stay at Now Amber today with a special introductory rate starting at only $162 per person.  We look forward to welcoming you this spring!

Aerial View of Downtown Puerto Vallarta

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