Countless Activities at Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun

We keep the activities schedule jam-packed every day at Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun to guarantee you make the most of your vacation. There are many different sorts of programs for guests of all ages to enjoy. Start planning your trip now so you can experience it all.

There are many fitness classes such as Pilates and Zumba or beach volleyball and kayak tours for the active vacationers who want to keep with their fitness regimen while away from home.   Windsurfing and parasailing  are even available at the resort’s beach area.   You can be as adventures as you dare at Now Sapphire. 

Core Zone for teens ages 13-18 is also packed with activities that are suited for their age groups including biking tours and video games. Plus every Thursday is a dance part at Eclipse Night Club!   

The Explorer’s Club for Kids at Now Sapphire has countless activities for our younger guests ages 3-12.  Kids staying at Now Sapphire can dive into age appropriate activities that are supervised by Red Cross Certified staff.  Every day of the week has a different exciting activity to look forward to. Build sand castles every Tuesday and Wednesday or look for shells in the sand on Fridays. Those are just a few of the great activities to take part in.

Lastly our adult guests can indulge in wine and tequila tasting as well as sushi lessons during their stay. Martini Time kicks off evening festivities nightly from 6pm-7pm.  Show off your signing skills or watch others share theirs at Karaoke every Thursday and Saturday night!

Upon your arrival be sure to get the complete schedules with the concierge so you don’t miss a thing. Book your vacation today at Now Sapphire to live in the now!

 Guests enjoy activities in the clear waters of Caribbean Sea

2 thoughts on “Countless Activities at Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun

  1. Oops…it appears that you’ve made a typo in this Here & Now issue.

    Show off your signing skills or watch others share theirs at Karaoke every Thursday and Saturday night. I think you mean SINGING skills!!!!
    By the way, Martini Time is my kind of nightly event!

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