Take Home Treasures of the Dominican Republic

Did you know that Now Larimar Punta Cana is named after the Dominican Republic’s native blue stone larimar? This is an extremely rare mineral found only in one location, the mountainous region of Barahona in the Dominican Republic. Larimar is a blue form of the mineral pectolitle. Its blue hue ranges from tints of white, blue-green and brilliant blue.

Larimar got its name after it was rediscovered on a beach in the 1970’s by a man who named the beautiful blue stone after his young daughter, Larissa. He combined his daughter’s name with the Spanish word for sea, “mar”, because of its color emulating the Caribbean Sea, to form the name larimar.  You will be reminded of the blue Caribbean when you see the stone too!

The resort’s gift shop, WBA Collection, carries a selection of jewelry featuring larimar. Munda Autentico and Palma Real Shopping Village are two other shopping destinations that we recommend located nearby Now Larimar.  They both feature a selection of beautiful larimar jewelry. Most commonly the stones are set in silver. For your convenience there is a free shuttle that brings guests from the hotel to the shops and back.  You can spend as much time as you’d like shopping for your loved ones back home or for yourself. 

Munda Autentico shops are on the same premise as Don Lucas Cigars, an authentic factory of Dominican cigars.  If you’d like to see where the famous cigars are rolled you must make arrangements with the concierge to reserve a tour of the factory.   

Don’t leave the island without something to remember your trip. Other treasures to take home with you include rich Dominican coffee and chocolate grown in local plantations, as well as the famous Dominican rum.  Start planning your trip to Now Larimar today.

Jewelry Made With Larimar

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