What to Expect at Now Larimar

As our newest resort to the Now Resorts & Spas brand, Now Larimar Punta Cana, has been quite busy since opening our doors on May 1, 2011. To ensure we are able to meet and exceed our guests’ expectations we have taken a number of steps to enhance our dining options, customer service, resort amenities and services available for our guests.

We also recently completed a photo shoot of our property and couldn’t wait to share the images with our fans, followers and guests! Take a look below at some of our resort imagery to get an idea of what you can expect during your next visit!

The plaza offer guests outdoor seating to enjoy the pristine setting.

Elegantly appointed Mercure Restaurant gives guests an adults-only formal dining option.

Bluewater Grill serves dinner in a cozy setting.

Private pool lined with palm trees is for Preferred Club guests.

Preferred Club Deluxe Room with views of the Caribbean Sea.

Unwind at Eclipse Nightclub with the Caribbean as the backdrop.

7 thoughts on “What to Expect at Now Larimar

  1. I enjoyed this resort now for two times and I loved it! My third time will come in next spring. I am happy to go there again and I can’t await it.

  2. OMG can not wait to be there on September 24th and we have reserved a Club Preferred deluxw Ocean front room.

    This is our second time and I am sure I will not regret.

    Thank you NOw Larimar!

    Ida St Jacques
    Renaud Gagné

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