The Winner of the Now Jade Trip Giveaway is…

As many of you may know, we recently hosted YouTube celebs Jorge & Alexa, and the rest of their family, at Now Jade Riviera Cancun. The Narvaez family was able to spend some quality time together in paradise, while doing what they do best, sharing their passion of music with the world. In an effort to show our support for Jorge & Alexa and all of their amazing fans, we decided to give away a FREE 3-night stay to Now Jade Riviera Cancun for a family four!

The contest was simple. Comment on Jorge’s Trip Giveaway video and become a fan of Now Jade Riviera Cancun on Facebook.  We were blown away by all of the creative responses, touching stories and genuine support from Jorge & Alexa’s dedicated fans.

It was a tough decision, but we are excited to announce that the winner of the 3-night stay to Now Jade Riviera Cancun is….

Lori Robin

We want to thank Lori for her creative and truly compelling entry into the Now Jade Trip Giveaway Contest. We are so excited that you will have the opportunity to celebrate your daughter’s 5-year CANCER FREE point at Now Jade Riviera Cancun together as a family.

See below for Lori’s video entry.

Congrats to Lori and her entire family!!

8 thoughts on “The Winner of the Now Jade Trip Giveaway is…

    • Thanks so much Shanna! This is such a delightful surprise and our family is tickled to be able to spend this time together in paradise. You never know how much time you have so any time together anywhere at all is a huge blessing!!

  1. Good choice for winner.

    Sponsoring the Narvaez’s by Now Jade Riviera Cancun, and this follow-up comp, strikes me as creative marketing. Well done. I don’t like resorts but even I was impressed by their obvious and unfeigned enjoyment of the place and the way the female staff interacted with the children.

    How many people really identify with the air-brushed photos of models that are sposed to constitute a family enjoying your facilities? I refer to your brochure shots. Not just your resort but all of them do this. I enjoyed watching a real family have fun. Whereas the brochure makes me a bit queasy.

    Cestoblique, a realitychangers channel fan and subcriber from YouTube.

  2. No sé quienes más habrán competido por este premio,
    pero me parece una Excelente elección 🙂
    Muchas felicidades!!
    A las ganadoras pero sobre todo a los patrocinadores
    keep it up!

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