Preferred Club at Now Jade

At Now Jade Riviera Cancun, you have the option to upgrade to the Preferred Club. So what does this mean? The Preferred Club offers a variety of upgraded amenities and services in addition to the Unlimited-Luxury® privileges that come standard with all of our rooms at the resort.

Upon arrival, Preferred Club guests can skip the desk in the main lobby and go straight to the Preferred Club lounge for a private check-in. The Preferred Club lounge includes a private concierge for any assistance, two computers with free internet access, board games for rainy or lazy days and plenty of drinks, sandwiches and snacks available anytime of day.

Preferred Club rooms include an upgraded mini-bar and room service menu, fine bath amenities, 2 LCD TVs, complimentary in-suite internet access, daily newspaper and Secrets Box for private room service delivery. The Preferred Club Suites and Preferred Club Governor Suites include a Jacuzzi on the balcony and a separate living room area, which is perfect for a family.

Another perk of the Preferred Club is the adults-only pool.  It’s an amazing infinity pool surrounded by luxurious bali beds and upgraded lounge chairs. The pool also includes a great swim-up bar if your looking to stray away from the crowd at the main pool.

Next time you’re booking a vacation to Now Jade, consider upgrading to the Preferred Club to enjoy these extra perks!

9 thoughts on “Preferred Club at Now Jade

  1. This upgrade is a must we loved the lounge and the wait staff there. Our room wasd an ocean front suite and it was so great the shower was the best. The room service was quick and the food was quite good. The pool was awesome. We will be back for a visit sometime soon.

  2. Would not have booked any other way!! Our trip to Now Jade at the end of October was the best vacation ever, and the Preferred Club Ocean Front Suite was amazing!!! Loved the lounge and all that worked there!

  3. Was wondering what is the extra cost for the preferred club upgrade? Been thinking about doing it when we go.
    Thank you.

  4. can we upgrade as soon as we get there as our vacation pkg did not have this option. If so what is the cost to do this for the week. we are looking so forward to coming down here and relaxing!!

  5. We upgraded to preferred for our upcoming trip. We have two 4 year olds and want to make sure they are able to use the preferred pool? Does anyone have insight on this?

  6. Where can I find the information for the preferred ‘upgraded’ mini bar & room service menu. I cant find the information on the regular one, Let alone the upgraded part

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