Spice at Now Jade

When visiting Now Jade Riviera Cancun, dining at Spice is a MUST! Spice is our Asian fusion restaurant that offers three teppanyaki tables, a sushi bar, as well as regular dining. Our teppanyaki tables seat 10 and offer an exciting dining experience where our chefs cook your meal right in front of you!

Upon arrival, servers will bring you the cocktail of your choice while we start off your meal with sushi and homemade soup. Now the show really begins! Our chef will entertain you with juggling eggs, a flaming onion volcano and spatula and knife tricks. Fried rice is prepared for everyone at the table, although you can opt for white or brown rice if you prefer. As your main entree, you can select chicken, beef or fish (or a mixture of all three if you can’t decide!)

The food is delicious and the live cooking demonstration is an experience that the whole family will enjoy!  Check some pictures of what you can expect below!

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