Wedding Cakes Galore at Now Jade

Flowers are nice and music is important, but let’s not forget the star of the wedding – the cake!

At Now Jade Riviera Cancun, your cake selection goes way beyond chocolate and vanilla. Take a look at some of these delish options – and when you select the Divine Wedding Package – the cake is included!

Marble Fudge Cake: A moist marriage of white cake with dark chocolate to create rivers of fudge, all wrapped up in our elegant butter cream.

Almond Delight Cake: White moist layers with a delicate, fresh roasted, ground almond filling. An elegant cake for an elegant occasion.

Lemon Twist: A hint of lemon and a divine creamy lemon or raspberry filling.

Bella Matrimonial Classic: Three moist layers of white cake with almond and raspberry filling. Your Guests will say “Wow” and ask for seconds.

Cheese Cake Showstopper: Creamy New York cheesecake baked to perfection and frosted with our special butter cream or whipped cream.

Chocolate Passion Black Tie: Made with the finest imported dark chocolate  and filled with a variety of berries.

Chocolate Kahlua Symphony: An unforgettable combination of rich chocolate layers and coffee liqueur.

3 thoughts on “Wedding Cakes Galore at Now Jade

  1. BOTH Beautiful and YUMMY! What a GREAT COMBO! making the “Magicial Moments of NOW” even more Magical and Memorable! SWEET TREATS!

  2. Those cakes are works of art on the eye, and I’m sure on the palette too!!! Stunningly beautiful!!!! Wish I was getting married there!!!!

  3. P.S. CHOCOLATE KAHLUA CAKE!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! An absolute DREAM of a cake for me!!!! Perhaps I will get married there one day!!!!

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