Who Should Win a Free Vacation to Now Resorts & Spas?

Now Resorts & Spas is giving away a free 3 night vacation to one lucky family! We asked our fans and followers to tell us in 150 words or less why their family deserves to win a vacation* to Now Resorts & Spas.

We received over 60 entries for the Live in the Moment Vacation Giveaway. We are so grateful to everyone for sharing your special stories with us. Each submission was truly touching and evoked a range of different emotions including love, sorrow, hope and laughter.

It was a tough decision, but we’ve narrowed down it down to the top five finalists. We’ve included these entries below and marked each one with a number. To make this fair, we’d like to ask our fans and followers to cast your vote and let us know who you think should win! Please leave a comment on our blog with the number of the entry that you feel deserves to win the vacation to Now Resorts & Spas. It’s that simple.

We will be accepting votes from Monday, October 11th through Friday, October 15th. Please only one vote per person. We encourage you to tell your friends and family to follow us on Twitter and become a Facebook fan of Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun and Now Jade Riviera Cancun to cast their vote and follow the promotion details.

The winner will be announced on Monday, October 18th! Good Luck to everyone!


I would like to nominate my best friend Landy and her father. This is an excerpt from an email she wrote in May, 2009 – “Mama and I have had lots of talks about life lately. She is not scared of death, because the worst thing that can happen is that she gets to be reunited with Lista. And I’m not scared of her dying, because I know there’s a place saved for her in Heaven.” Earlier this year, cancer took her mom’s life. Lista was Landy’s sister. Her life was cut extremely short when cancer took her not 2 years before it took her mom. Landy is a gift to the people around her and has had to suffer through more than any one person should.  I could only hope to give back to her what she gives to everyone. Please consider her and her father for this amazing gift. — Jenny


Five reasons why our family, meaning “ME” needs to win a trip to the wonderful Now Resorts & Spas

  1. Work all day with a cranky waddling boss!
  2. Having to (stupervise) not supervise 6 other workers who don’t know the meaning of the word work!!!
  3. Cooking, cleaning, mopping, pot scrubbing, lawn cutting and toilet scrubbing.
  4. The regularly scheduled after dinner homework fight. Plus the homework that I have to research just in order to help them!! (I am not smarter than a fifth grader)
  5. Dealing with my husband (women out there, do I need to say more?)

Help! Help! I need a vacation to Now Resorts & Spas! — Marie


I would like to nominate my brother’s family for this vacation.  The morning of June 28th I received a phone call from the sheriff’s department asking me to pick up family members because of a garage fire at their home.  When I arrived 15 minutes later their whole home and both vehicles were engulfed in flames.  Fortunately they made it out safely (including their dog Jack).  They escaped with only their pajamas.  They lived with my husband and for the next couple of months.  Last month they found a rental home and will live there while they tear down and start the rebuilding process.  We are all grateful for their safety, and “things” are being replaced bit by bit.

My 2 nieces and nephew need some fun in their lives.  My brother is a cancer survivor, and they have a special needs child.  They don’t complain and are thankful for all the blessings they’ve been given.  I think this opportunity to be near the ocean at this gorgeous resort would brighten their lives and give them time to heal as a family. — Dawn


My parents deserve such a wonderful gift. They are always there for our family from guiding us when we became parents to celebrating our accomplishments or helping us overcome the loss of my mother-in-law. The year we got married, they celebrated 30 years of marriage. With preparations for the wedding, they were not able to plan a trip for their own special day. We have always wanted to make that up to them but could never afford to do something so special. They recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. But again, they made no plans and watched our three-year-old daughter while my husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary at Now Jade. They are an inspiration to me as individuals, a couple and as parents. We are blessed and thankful and would love for them to celebrate 40 years of marriage at Now Jade. — Stephanie


After 10 years of marriage, we have two beautiful children that keep us on our toes and by your slogan “live in the moment” is just what we are doing. We cherish the time we spend with each other, laughing at silly movies, playing games with the kids or just taking walks. The legacy we would like to leave with our kids is the one of “caring for others”. Last year we had the opportunity to visit Puerto Morelos to teach our kids about giving. We asked our friends and coworkers for school materials, clothes and toys for children in Puerto Morelos. With smiling faces, our kids gave their toys along with other items directly to the children at the primary school. Our thanks to El Mundo para Puerto Morelos for helping us. My family would love to see the children’s smiling faces again, along with enjoying the refreshing resort Now Jade. — Maurice


*Terms and Conditions: Limited to family of four (two adults and two children), valid for one year from date of drawing. Blackout dates and restrictions apply. Holds no cash value and non transferable. Not redeemable for cash.

612 thoughts on “Who Should Win a Free Vacation to Now Resorts & Spas?

  1. My vote has to go for #1 as well. I am struggling with coming to terms with my Dad’s stage 4 cancer myself, and the eventual loss of a very good Man. The other stories just don’t come close to the loss of loved ones…..

  2. To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.

    My parents have been through it all and have made it 40 years. That is quite an accomplishment. I definitely think they deserve to celebrate.


  3. I vote for #3…I know this couple and their children…they have been real troopers through this whole ordeal…and I can’t think of a more deserving family. They meet every day with a smile and give thanks for God’s graciousness every day of their lives.

    • #3 I know the family too. They are good friends of my daughter. I remember hearing from my daughter about their fire. I would love to see something good come their way.

  4. I vote for #3, the brother. Some people seem to get more than their share of hardship & trials. I know a family who had to recover from total loss due to a fire. It’s hard to fully understand unless it has touched your life. In addition this guy is a cancer survivor! WOW! I would like to know what keeps him from complaining. I guess he knows that self-pity is only destructive and moving on is the best we can do!!

  5. I vote for number #3 Dawn and her family are loving, giving, and community involved. They have been through a lot and are most deserving of this get away

  6. I vote for #2. I know this family and they are amazing. Their faith has gotten them through so very much and they deserve sometime with nothing to worry about!

  7. I believe Paul Hodgson and his family should win. I cannot imagine how it feels to lose absolutely everything in a fire. Beyond the material day-to-day possesions, every photo, every award, every school paper is gone. It would be incredible if they could start building happy memories again.

  8. I VOTE FOR # 3. This family sounds like it has been through alot, fire, the dad has lived with cancer and to top it off they have a special need child. Each one of these things is alot to handle but all three at once, this family needs some fun in their lives. All five familys sound great but my vote is for #3

  9. I vote for #3! I know this family personally and they are AMAZING, despite all they have been through they continue to give to others and never complain. I love and adore them all. If more people were like them the world would be a much better place.

  10. I vote #3….an amazing family facing a real tradegy. Not only do the parents need a break, but I am sure the kids could use it too!

  11. I have a four year old little girl who loves Christopher (one of the children who survived the fire) as he is a nursery helper at church and cares for my little Emma. We drive by their mostly burned home at least once a week and Emma asks about how Christopher is doing and why bad things happen. Emma would be thrilled to hear that Christopher and his family got to go to Mexico and experience something good. If you could meet this family, you would be amazed at the amount of grace they poor out into other people, despite the challenges they face every day. We vote for #3.

  12. let me add to the story of #3 by saying they are moving to another rental house—after just carting what little they have into the original rental found for them by the insurance company (that left much to be desired). yes. two moves since june 28th. the kids are feeling a little insecure and the parents are dealing with these whack-a-mole moments along with their own personal tsunami of unprocessed emotions. the stress needs an outlet. really – this family should be over the precipice by now!!

  13. #3!! The Hodgsons have endured more than they ever would have signed up for, and with such grace and faith! They SO would value this gift!!

  14. I would like to vote for #3. They are very good friends of my daughter’s family. I’ve had the opportunity to meet them when visiting my daughter. They are indeed incredibly deserving. Thank you for the chance to vote!

  15. #3.
    That is a lot for anyone to go through. Good things happen to good people. Don’t dwell on the past and ENJOY the trip!

  16. I vote for #5. Everyone goes thru hardships and often we keep them inside. I am sure #5 has gone thru hardships as well but they are doing right and giving back to the community and trying to teach their children to do so as well.

  17. #3–I know the family and they have been through so much with the house fire and have been such troopers about all of it. But I’m sure it’s wearing on them. They could really use this trip!

  18. #1 deserves this vacation more than any person on this earth. She is an amazing person and has been through so much in her life. There are not too many people that could handle the heartache she has had to endure. Without a doubt, #1 is the best choice

  19. #5 for sure. I’ve have personally witness the devastation that this family has seen. It is hard to believe that the family made it out alive!!

  20. My vote is for number one! Lista was very young when the cancer took her life and she had a child in December and died that May! Tisha had been battling cancer even longer and was the strongest person I knew! Landy and Danny are both amazing people and I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more!

  21. AMAZING family! Amazing story! They truly deserve this opportunity to build some new family memories and helps these children get through the trauma of watching their house and their entire lives go up in flames. They have NEVER asked for anything, yet continue to give of themselves. PLEASE send them on a family vacation they’ll never forget!

  22. In our day and age, 4 years has become an accomplishment in marriage. But in our families (mine and my husbands), love and commitment are not jumped into lightly. We take the time to know each other and fall in love with each other again daily. It takes a lot of love, commitment and work to make it to 40 years! This is a triumph of love and friendship and should be celebrated properly.

    I vote for couple #4. And I wish them another 40 years of love, friendship and joy!

  23. I want to vote for #1. They deserve it. This family has endured more than even mentioned in this post. They are a blessing and role model for everyone. Please bless them the way they bless others!

  24. #1 has my vote…the syler family has been through battles i would never be able to fight. they are amazingly strong and have never lost sight of God. they honestly deserve this!

  25. My vote is for #1.
    The trials they have gone through don’t compare to anything I’ve ever been faces with. Landy has lost her big sister, then her mother. Danny lost a daughter, then a wife. Watching them glorify God and be able to life up His name through all of this is just amazing. They are amazing! And they deserve to have the opportunity to create more wonderful family memories with each other! I know Mama Tishie and Lista would love that!

  26. My vote is for #1 Landy. She is one of the most brave, courageous and compassionate people I have ever met in my life. Through all she’s been through, she never has once felt sorry for herself- only blessed to have spent the years she did with her Mama and Lista. Landy and her dad absolutely deserve this vacation- please consider them as you vote! Love you Landy Jane!!

  27. I vote for #3! This family is full of grace and laughter despite and through it all. They look to God for their strength and are an example to us all.

  28. # 3 gets my vote all the way! I know this family and, in spite of everything they’ve been through, they have a deep faith and trust in God.

  29. I vote for 3!!! To be a Cancer survivior proves this family has already come close to losing everything once. But to face that kind of tragedy AGAIN, and make it out of a house fire with just their lives, nothing else! All this while caring for a special needs child! This family has struggled, and came out eluding nothing but positive. Kudos to them! This family needs a vacation… a sanctuary of peace to escape to together. Please send them on this much needed break from hardship! Thank you!

  30. My vote is for #3!!! What a strong family! They have faced far more than their share of hardship. Please give them this great vacation!

  31. My vote is for #1. Losing a parent is one of the toughest things in life and keeping a beautiful connection with people who are left in your life is what makes it all worth while. God bless them.

  32. #1! Landy deserves so much. No one should have to go through the loss of a loved one to cancer and she has lost 2 of her closest family members.

  33. #3 – Paul and his family really do deserve a break. Everyone above is deserving of a break, but Paul and his family continue to be positive, caring and loving people. They don’t complain and they keep moving forward. He would never ask and that would make it even more special. Thanks

  34. All the stories are very touching, however, my vote is for family #1 – very deserving of any time they can spend together.

  35. #1! These two are some of the sweetest people ever and they have been through more than anyone should ever have to endure. They are real troopers and everyone who knows them loves them!

  36. I vote for # 3!!! I met them this summer soon after their house burned down but you would never know it. The whole family was so strong and a ton of fun to be around. I really hope that they can take this awesome opportunity to relax and forget about the struggles life has dealt them.

  37. Have to go with #3 on this one. I know this family well, and they would never ask for such a treat, but sure could use the break.

  38. I would like to vote for # 3
    They are my friends and i was at their house when the tragic event happened. They really could use this vacation and deserve it, they are an amazing family, so strong.
    Love you Hodgson Family

  39. My vote is #3.

    Imagine the delight for a family that has lost basically everything except each other, to go spend time together to reflect that having each other is everything…and this gives them a chance to celebrate in a place that is all about enjoying the moment.

    I’m certain it is more difficult than I can imagine on the young kids to try to understand, and then deal with, the emotions of having your “safe haven” burnt to the ground with all of those things that made you feel safe.

  40. I vote for #1. I can’t imagine the strength and faith that it takes for Landy and her dad to get through each day. Amazing people deserve an amazing trip.

  41. Landy and her dad have been through so much, not only the death of her mother and sister, but the year leading up to each of their passing the care they gave them. Landy put her nursing career on hold to be by her mothers side until she passed. They both deserve this more than anyone could imagine. I vote # 1

  42. #4!!!! although everyone is deserving…sacrifices that parents make can never be re-paid…but this would be a wonderful gift back….and who stays married that long anymore! Great love story for a beautiful resort!#4!!!! #4!!!#4….=)

  43. #4 is a beautiful story! I think that couple sounds very well deserving of a special getaway to celebrate their 40th anniversary. What a great example for us all!

  44. Our family votes for #3. Sometimes laughter and time together can bring such healing. This family has been through alot and can still feel thankful for what they have. What a great testimony!

  45. Landy is one of the most amazing people I have met and has the most incredible attitude in life. Couldn’t think of anyone more deserving!


  46. I vote for #3. 1,2 & 4 are great, but we have all experienced similar situations. But to experience all that #3 has in such a short time, definately deserves a rest from reality. They need something to get the good mojo going again!

  47. My vote is for #1. That story resonates with me, as my wife has lost a sibling and I have lost my father. No one should have to go through either life event but unfortunately it happens. As anyone who has experienced such grief knows, the smallest moments of brightness are very welcome at those times. Send Landy on the vacation.

  48. Landy is an amazing person. Landy and her father have endured so much and really deserve not only a break, but a chance to enjoy something this special together. Definitely deserve a father/daughter vacation. My vote is for #1!!!!!

  49. #3!!! They are an amazing family whose faith has kept them afloat. Good luck. You deserve it. I hope others see that, as well. 🙂

  50. Life has it’s hardships, loss and pain. Family #3 somehow keeps keeping on. Quality time in one of your beautiful resort settings will cast priceless memories for these folks. Family retreat time will leave them feeling treasured…extinguishing the flames of the past.

  51. #3 – what a blessing they survived and with the dog too. So wonderful they have each other to lean on, through good and bad. Even so I can’t imagine losing every precious family photo & treasured item to fire – those are just “things” but they shape & define a family foundation and they are precious definitions of where we come from, what bonds us to one another. How nice it would be for them to take a moment away from the work of picking up the pieces and rest together as a family, celebrating life.

  52. #1 Landy and Danny! They are truly a blessing to so many and so deserve this after the trials and tribulations they have faced they still remain to have the most amazing faith 🙂

  53. I vote for #1 Landy and her Father really needs this to get away from all the everyday activities and be free!!! This will really get their minds off the bad and focuse on the future..

  54. I vote for # 1 – I know are all deserving but this is a very special family that daily teach others about love, courage and faith.

  55. My vote is for #1. Could you imagine losing your mother and your sister to cancer?? This is Landy’s story…but it isn’t her life. She can light up a room!

  56. I know #4 couple and yes, they deserve my vote! They have always held their children (2 girls) first in their lives!

  57. I vote for #3. Rebuilding over and over again and still keep trying and trying deserve a break. Lifeis hard but a reward now and then recharges your soul!

  58. #1…They deserve it…They are really good people and have been through alot losing both daughter/sister and mother/wife to cancer.

  59. my vote goes to #1 !!! Landy has been through alot but everytime you look at her face she is always smiling and you can just tell she’s at peace with everything… She definitely makes the best out of life !!!! My dad just recently had a liver transplant due to cancer and other complications, so I feel her pain… This vacation should go to Landy and her father, they more than derserve it !!! go landy 🙂

  60. No one should ever have to endure the loss and pain that these two have been through in such a short time. Landy is an amazing person and truly has managed to keep a positive outlook when most others could not. She is such an outgoing, fun person, you cant help but smile when you read her posts or when she is around. While all of these individuals are deserving, I think the Sylers deserve it above anyone else. My vote is for #1

  61. Vote is for #4, They are a very considerate couple. I know they have always been there for their kids. Their daughter had a troubled pregancy with twins and they were there all the way! They deserve this!

  62. #1

    I heard Landy is an Alpha Gam
    and I must support my sister 🙂
    You deserve it!

    But Good Luck to all the families,
    everyone deserves some quality R&R.

  63. Truly #1 needs the vacation. I know this family personally & they truly deserve a break in their lives. They have had so much hardship with health in their family the past few years. They are a family that didn’t deserve what they have had to go through.

  64. #1
    VERY sweet girl who has been through a realllllly rough time. She and her family definitely deserve this more than anybody…

  65. #1 for sure…To lose a daughter and wife (or a mom and sister in Landy’s place) within 2 years has to be a horrible experience. I believe that they deserve this vacation for sure. To just be able to relax for a few days without any worries would be a great experience for them.

  66. The pain of losing someone you love through cancer is indescribable. I vote for #1! Landy and Danny deserve a break, it is hard to be strong for that family member and yourself at the same time. #1!!!!

  67. I vote for #1!!!!! I don’t think I would’ve made it throught the trials that they have, but Landy and her dad just keep going forward. Landy has the biggest heart of anyone I know and her and Danny most definitely deserve this getaway!!!!

  68. #1 for sure.

    Alot was said about Landy but also consider her dad Danny who is the other one nominated to go with her. He lost his first child Lista to cancer while in her 20’s, just months after giving birth to a son. Then he loses his wife, Landy’s mom Letitia who he’s been with during all of adulthood just a couple of years later to cancer, and neither was hardly a pleasant or quick process. Between the two cancer patients, there was alot of out of state extended stays away from home in cramped apartments to get treatment, for weeks at a time. Add a stroke into the mix and shake well and it’s not a pretty sight.

    Until you’ve seen a grown man, a hardened lifelong coal miner, wander off alone and cry like a baby at every family get together, you cannot imagine his pain. This family has been through hell. Nominating this surviving father and daughter to win the trip so they can reconnect is the least you can do.

  69. I totally vote for #3!!!! Sorry but the people who seem to only want it for a present or something, should not get it. If something bad, REALLY BAD happened i would like to just get away from it. That is what this family needs.

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