Take it or Leave it?

While our guests plan their trips to Now Resorts & Spas, we often receive questions about what they should bring and what they should leave at home. We’ve decided to compile a list of the things you’ll want to pack in your suitcase and the things that the resort will provide for you.

Leave at Home:

Towels—The resort has plenty available for use!
Floats—Yep, we’ve got that covered too!
Sunscreen for Adults—You’ll receive Sunscreen SPF 15 in your room upon arrival.
Shampoo and Conditioner—Maid service will restock these daily!
Bottled Water—Plenty of bottles are located in your mini-bar and throughout the resort as well!

Pack in Your Suitcase:

Sand Toys—While these are available for purchase in our gift shops, you may want to pack your own to save a little extra money.
Sunscreen for Children—As we mentioned, you will receive SPF 15 in your room, but you may want to pack a stronger SPF for the kids.
Zip Lock Bags—These are great to have handy because parents can take chips or other snacks from the restaurants to the pool or beach for the family to enjoy throughout the day.
A Small Lunch Box –Pack bottles of water and sodas from your mini-bar to take to the beach or the pool.
Antibacterial Wipes –These are a must-have! They can be used to kill germs on hands and are especially convenient when moving from the beach or pool to a restaurant for lunch!

Do you have a must have item that you always pack for your family vacation? Leave a comment on our blog and share it with us!

4 thoughts on “Take it or Leave it?

  1. A first aid kit!!! Band Aids, antibiotic ointment, either Tylenol or Motrin….and I never leave home without my Excedrin Migraine!! This can all fit into a ziploc bag. With airline restrictions, I don’t recommend carrying small scissors or like item!!!

    I’ve also heard that there could be some mosquitos, so I plan on bringing some Off Wipes, to avoid having to carry any kind of aerosol container.

    Also, from being a Now Jade Facebook junkie, I have gotten some water shoes, due to the coral, and have plenty of suncreen above 15 SPF.

    Thank you so much for this list provided! If you can think of anything else we might need, please advise! We’ll be there in 17 days!!!!


  2. We forgot bug spray, just got back, had to buy it at the gift shop there. Expensive but werth it. Even with all the spay we used, almost a full bottle in a week, we still got bitten. I would bring some anti itch cream as well. Also, we never received sun block and 15 is probably too low for most of us. We brought a 90 spf waterproof and still got a ton of sun even with reapplying it often. I dont think water shoes are necessary. We didn’t have any problems with coral. The beach is beautiful at the jade. You may also want some pepto as it is pricy at the shop and deff worth it with all the alcohol and diff foods.

    I recommend having a shuttle ride ready from the airport. We went thru grayline mayaland tour company. Very nice and werth it! When u leave the baggage claim u will be bombarded with people wanting money. They act nice and friendly, but their end result is to get money from you. Just say no.

    Also, they say tips are included but we found the service was much better and faster when we gave a dollar a drink and 2 or 3 for meals. They deffinitely appreciate it.
    And cash is fine, no need to exchange money as the rate is different if u leave the resort. 10:1 here; 12:1 there. Just know your simple math.

    You will have a blast no matter what tho. The weather was always beautiful even tho watching the weather here said rain all day; this wasn’t true at all. Sometimes it would rain for 20 mins a day. That was all. Hope you enjoy your trip. We loved it and miss it already and we only left Sunday.

  3. We always take a bottle of Pepto with us. With all of the great food and beverages, I tend to over indulge a bit! When I start to feel a little bit “off”, I take some Pepto. I have never gotten sick on any of my vacations. Don’t know if it’s just luck or the Pepto 🙂

  4. I visited the Now Cancun in May. I would definitely suggest bug spray and anti-itch cream. Bugs were bad in the evening. My room also did not have sunscreen in it. So be sure to bring it with you and I definitely suggest something higher than a spf 15. Room was also stocked with shampoo/conditioner and soap. You absolutely do not need to bring towels with you, unless you prefer a bigger sized beach towel. And at the Now Cancun, I also do not think water shoes are neccessary. The first couple of feet getting into the ocean was rocky but once you get past it, its perfectly fine. And absolutely positively bring the Pepto (or whatever other meds sooth your belly). With all the alcohol and food available to indulge in, you will need it! Enjoy!!! 🙂

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