Live in the Moment. Win a Vacation to Now Resorts & Spas.

Although fall has officially arrived, at Now Resorts & Spas it’s like summer all year long! We want to give one lucky family the chance to win a free vacation and extend their “summer” just a little bit longer.

To enter, all you have to do is comment on this blog and tell us in 150 words or less why your family deserves to win a free 3 night vacation* at one of our resorts! We will be accepting entries from Wednesday, September 22nd through Wednesday October 6th.

After that, we’re going to narrow it down to the top 5 entries** and let our fans and followers cast their vote to determine the winner! Voting will take place from Monday, October 11th through Friday October 15th. Follow us on Twitter and make sure you are a Facebook fan of Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun and Now Jade Riviera Cancun to cast your vote and follow the promotion details.

The winner will be announced on Monday, October 18th. Good luck to everyone! We can’t wait to read all of the entries!

*Terms and Conditions: Limited to family of four (two adults and two children), valid for one year from date of drawing. Blackout dates and restrictions apply. Holds no cash value and non transferable. Not redeemable for cash.

** Once we have narrowed down the top 5 entries, we will contact the finalists to request a photo to include in the voting process.

68 thoughts on “Live in the Moment. Win a Vacation to Now Resorts & Spas.

  1. I’d love to nominate my daughter and her husband for this vacation!!! Both have had some really upsetting medical issues, and their luck has not been the best lately, so this vacation would totally turn things around for them! I know their 2 boys would love going too!!! I’d just love to be able to tell my daughter that she is getting a few days to rest and forget about all the struggles they’ve been dealing with over the last few years!! It would be such a break for both of them!!!

  2. A nursing student, a hard working husband and a seven year old little girl is what we were until my water broke at 23 weeks on May 4, 2008. Our lives stopped. The “vacation” was over. We fought back tears as our sweet baby boy fought for his life. Weighing in at 2 lbs and fitting perfectly in the palm of our hands, we grasped for every bit of hope. We loved beyond belief. We were told he wouldn’t survive. After a long NICU stay, our miracle is now a happy, healthy almost 2 1/2 year old little boy with a love for water! We need some happiness in his life and would LOVE to be able to celebrate with a vacation!

  3. I would like to nominate my best friend Landy and her father. This is an excerpt from an email she wrote in May, 2009 – “Mama and I have had lots of talks about life lately. She is not scared of death, because the worst thing that can happen is that she gets to be reunited with Lista. And I’m not scared of her dying, because I know there’s a place saved for her in Heaven.” Earlier this year, cancer took her mom’s life. Lista was Landy’s sister. Her life was cut extremely short when cancer took her not 2 years before it took her mom. Landy is a gift to the people around her and has had to suffer through more than any one person should. I could only hope to give back to her what she gives to everyone. Please consider her and her father for this amazing gift.

    • After everything they have been thru I feel like they both deserve this trip! They are wonderful people who are great role models for families who have experienced a loss. Please allow them this trip!

  4. I August of this year my husband and I were married at now sapphire. We had the perfect dream wedding, it was so much more than we ever dreamed. Since we’ve returned to the states all we do is talk about going back! This was our first vacation in 4 years and we can’t figure out why we took so long to go! My mom and dad also joined us for our wedding and had such a great time they are learning Spanish so they can get around in Mexico. While we were there we made some great friends with the staff. We’ve never seen customer service that good. We miss now sapphire and want to go back ASAP!

  5. This trip would be amazing to win for my Mother. She is the most amazing lady I know. Our family has really had a dark cloud hanging over our heads. We lost my brother when he was 24 and just lost my Dad last year at the young age of 58. While my Dad was sick in the hospital my sisters husband was also diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. So we were spending all our time at the bedsides of our loved ones. Luckly my brother in law was once of the lucky ones and has done well with his treatment. Unfourtunately in order for my Mom to take care and spend the last months of my Dad’s life with him she was forced to retire because her work would not grant her a leave of absence and they need some money coming in. Now not only did she loose her son but the love of her life for more then 45 years. Now just recent she laid her Mother to rest. She has lost the sparkle in her eye and is having a hard time coping with it all. I must say I have been blessed to have such a great family so it is that much harder to see it all fall apart so quickly. I would love to win this trip for her so she can get away from it all and enjoy the picture of paridise. When my Dad was sick he so didn’t want to leave this world and always promised her that when he got on his feet again he would take her away somewhere beautiful. I would love to fufill his wish and grant her just that. Please consider my Mom and one of my sisters or myself for this wonderful opportunity to win a trip to one of your beautiful resorts.
    It would be so nice to see her smile once again.
    Thank you

  6. I would like to nominate a wonderful couple who has had their share of bad news lately and wish this year was over already. Maureen lost her sister to brain cancer earlier this year. She just found out that her other sister-in-law has stage four cancer and that her brother who is married to her has prostate cancer. She is one of the most loving and caring people I know and I do not know how much more a person can endure. She really needs just to get away for awhile and the Now Resorts are perfect for relaxing and forgetting ones troubles for awhile. I would love for her to be able to go there.

    • and she currently has her son and daughter-in-law living with them with two additional dogs until their house is ready to move into. They have 3 dogs themselves. I truly believe she really, really needs this vacation!

  7. I would love to come back to the Sapphire Rivera Cancun! My wonderful husband and I honeymooned there over five years ago. We were so blessed to get pregnant while on our honeymoon! Unfortunately, the pregnancy was ectopic and we lost our child two months later, after a painful and terrifying experience in which I almost lost my life. Through a long struggle, we were able to get pregnant a second time. Our beautiful son is now three years old and we love him with all our heart.

    The struggles haven’t ended there though. First, we lost my uncle in a tragic car accident. Then my amazing grandfather, the only father figure I ever knew, died after a long battle with Parkinson’s. Finally, my grandmother lost her terrifying battle with Alzheimer’s last month. It’s been a trying year. My amazing husband lost his job and we’ve struggled to make ends meet. But with all bad comes good: my husband found contract work he can do, and although it’s not the same as a job with benefits, we’re happy to not have to worry about losing our house. My son is thriving. Life goes on.

    Seeing as we’ve never been able to take a family vacation together, there’s no place I’d rather go than back to Sapphire, where we started our family so many years ago, when we didn’t have a care in the world. Even though the past several years have been hard, it’s the ups and downs of life. We all have struggles, and mine don’t even begin to compare to some. Although I don’t have the same optimism as I did on our perfect honeymoon, what I do have is a great appreciation for THIS moment and THIS life I do have. A trip back to Sapphire would be a tremendous journey full circle for us, hopefully representing a fresh start in our lives.

  8. I would like to nominate my sister, her husband and my niece. They truly deserve this. My sis and her husband never had a honeymoon and they have never taken a family vacation. Things have been tough lately for them and I think a break away from it is well deserved. I would love them to experience the Mexican hospitality like my fiance and I did. The beautiful resort, the beach, the pool the yummy food and everything else that is so perfect at Now Jade. I believe that everyone at least once in their life deserves a vacation.

  9. As a stay at home Mom of 5 (including 2 handicap sons) we had to sacrifice a lot over the past 43 years of our marriage. Many years we have wondered how all this work could just barely get us making ends meat! We are now in our 60’s and have 2 adult sons living with us because of their disabilities. We had the privilege of taking our 2 disabled sons to Mexico 5 years ago….and it was awesome for them. The day before we came home our son looked sad, we asked him why and he said he knew he was going to have to go back to his same lonely life. We’d love to be able to take them again before their mobility has totally been taken from them. My daughter is staying at Sapphire in Nov, we would LOVE to go with them!

  10. My wife and I along with our 2 boys are asking you to pick us since it has been a rough 2 years. I lost my job in Feb. of 09 and it has been hard to find any solid employment that can make ends meet. While I have been able to find seasonal employment the economy has been holding us down financially, my wife who is a full-time nurse in the Burn Center at the hospital has picked up a second job at another hospital. She works very hard helping critical patients 12 hours a day 6 & 7 days a week. This gives us little time to spend as a family. This vacation would give my wife a much needed break from working her life away and give us the time we haven’t had to spend as a family. This would be the chance of a lifetime for us.

  11. After 10 years of marriage, we have two beautiful children that keeps us on our toes and by your slogan “Live in the moment” is just the thing we are doing. We cherish the time we spend with each other, laughing at silly movies, playing games with the kids or just taking walks. The legacy we would like to leave with our kids is the one of “Caring for others”. Last year we had the opportunity to visit Puerto Morelos and teach our kids about giving. We asked our friends, coworkers for school materials, clothes and toys for children in Puerto Morelos. With smiling faces, our kids gave their toys along with other items directly to the children at the primary school. Our thanks to El Mundo para Puerto Morelos for helping us. My family would love to see those children smiling faces again along with enjoying the refreshing resort of Now Jade.

  12. My husband and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage this upcoming June and would love the chance to do so at your beautiful resort. We have had a rough year as we have been trying to get pregnant and have been unsuccessful which has killed both of us….this would be a much needed getaway for us. Thanks for your time!

  13. I am nominating my Mom & dad. These are the two strongest people I know in life, that have literally been through everything together. They truly defy what “marriage” & “for better or worse” means. My dad had a great job when I was in middle school doing sales, that company ended up going bankrupt suddenly and my dad who had just turned 50 was faced with being “told old” & having “to much expierence.” As a family we had to move suddenly because we could no longer afford our house, & my parents plans of retirement to the beach went out the window. We went from being able to live comfortably to not being able to get the heater fixed in our car at winter. My dad & mom could of given up but they did not, he finally got a job as a car salesman, for a man that was one of the rudest people I have ever come across. He made my dad who was then 55 run in circles & paid him next to nothing for all of his hard work, he would promise him Christmas bonuses if he made his numbers and then all the sudden, “did not have the extra money for Christmas.” My mom did nothing but support my dad and give him the confidence that he needed from our family. I do not think i realized how bad it was until the one day my dad broke down and cried to me, the first time I have ever seen him cry ( the only other time was when he gave a speech at my wedding) & told he me he was doing everything that he could but we had to move again. Seeing a man that had coached me in fastpitch all my life, been nothing but strong and positive for me and my family, hurt so bad. My mom told my dad that she just wanted him happy, so our family came together & started selling things on ebay. My brother who was 15 at the time gave my parents the idea, & this was 5 years ago. My mom and and dad because they backed eachother are now successful in what they do, they are a team. They go out together to different stores every week and by things to list to tell, my dad wakes up everyday at 3 in the morning to start listing items and packaging them to ship, my mom keeps track of all the finances, inventory, & goes to the post office every other day while my dad is sleeping to help him shift. My parents turned what seemed like the breaking point for my dad and them into a positive situation and nothing but team work. They showed what marriage is truly about & made me realize it to, they showed what so many people now a days like in their marriage and that is the TRUE commitment when you say the vows, of for better or worse. My parents were suppose to retire at the beach and when everything happened that turned out not to be possiblen because there life changed. They have not been to the beach since this all happened, & they need a break to celebrate eachother. They just celebrated 35 years of marriage & there are very few couples that can say they did that. I would love more than anything to be able to send them to the beach even if it was for a day because i know how happy that would make them. Please please consider my post, this would mean more to these 2 then anyone could ever know.

  14. I do not have a sob story. I do not have a dying family member. However, my husband, my daughter, my niece and myself all went to visit you over the summer. We don’t travel very often as our finances don’t allow for it. But had such a magical time there, reconnected my husband and I, and gave our little girl and niece a magical memory. We so enjoyed the environment, the staff and time we spent there. We would love to go back again to extend our summer!
    Do I think we will get picked over the other hardships so far submitted. No. But certainly worth the try. As the NOW Sapphire is an awesome place to visit.

  15. My parents just celebrated their 30 year anniversary. They have taken our family on countless vacations (including a trip this summer to Now Jade!). I would love to give back to them with a memorable vacation for just the 2 of them. Thank you for considering us!

  16. My wife deserves to win a family vacation because she works very hard every day. I am a stay at home dad and do not have a steady income to surprise her with a family vacation. My two daughters would love to get away with our family to Mexico! I could also use a break from household chores!

  17. I would like to nominate my parents and my little sister.
    My parents have really struggled over the last past years. From Medical issues to employment issues. My dad’s dad has been diagnosed with cancer twice, in different areas, over the past 3 years. I have moved from Germany to America, leaving them to be with my husband, and while they are very understanding I can tell that they are also hurting. My dad now works a 3 hours drive away from my mom, and can only see her and my sister every other weekend, because they don’t have enough money for gas to see each other every weekend. A vacation like this would be so good for them!

  18. I am a survivor of bacterial spinal meningitis meningococcal which is rare along with having any quality of life afterward. It was truly a miracle. I was told it would be impossible for me to have children because of all the trauma that my body had suffered. My boyfriend at the time (now husband 5 years this Nov!!) knew of this and content with adopting to have a family. We were engaged for 2 months and found out I was pregnant! With the help of my high risk OB I delivered a healthy Baby Boy! My beautiful son Jack was 5 months old when we made another discovery- I was pregnant again and delivered a healthy baby girl. We never had a honeymoon and now with two toddlers have never had a vacation! PLEASE HELP us celebrate our miracles- Now 3 & 4 yrs old!!!

  19. Id like to nominate my friend, and mentor, Jeff, and his family. Jeff and his husband, Gene are parents to 4 beautiful children whom they adopted after being foster parents to them, even keeping siblings together. The children all came from terrible backgrounds, full of neglect and abuse. Jeff and Gene adopted them, and through continuous hard work, they have grown into wonderful, happy children and they just keep on blossoming as they get older. As a couple of the children are special needs, and require a bit more attention, Gene is a full time stay at home dad. Jeff works 2 full time jobs, day & night, as a Paramedic. I cant say that in all the time Ive known Jeff, I have ever seen him go on a vacation, or even out to dinner with his husband. Chuckie Cheese, and kids birthday parties are the big nights out for their family. Yet, Ive never heard the man complain, about anything, ever. Sending them on a family vacation would be such a wonderful gift to them. They truly deserve it. Jeff is a fantastic father, husband and patient advocate. I can only hope to one day be the person he is.

  20. Wow alot of deserving people! Not sure what to say. I am single hard working mom with 2 beauties, and little to no help from their father. Right now going through a rough patch with my youngest who is having unexplained seizures. Lots of doctor visits are schedule for Oct. They work hard in school and we all need a break. Just would love to get away from it all and just sit in the pool on one of those lounge chairs (LOVE THEM, AWESOME IDEA), while the girls swim. They love the water and the ocean. Good luck to everyone!

  21. My fiancé and I became engaged this spring and decided that we wanted to do a destination wedding, selecting the Maya Rivera as our dream spot. In our search of venues we came across the Now Jade Rivera Cancun and have been doing research ever since. We’ve looked at pages and pages of reviews on trip advisor, studied Now’s website, asked other guests on Facebook about the resort, asked the wedding planner questions, looked at weather temperatures year round, looked at best times to take flights, etc. We just haven’t taken that final step in signing a contract! It would be great to have a trip to conduct a pseudo “site visit” for our spring 2011 wedding and give us that extra feeling of security that we’ve picked the right spot.

  22. My wife and I met and married very young. Soon followed the birth of our 2 beautiful girls…15 months apart. Our lives have been full of ups and downs just like most people. Financial woes, relationship struggles, parenting challenges, the normal wear and tear of life. Just under a year ago we were blessed with our third child…another girl.

    The reason I would love to bring my wife to one of your resorts is because we’ve never had a real honeymoon. This summer we celebrated our 11th anniversary and we have never been able to afford a vacation. We’ve never been able to go just the two of us on a REAL getaway. The thought of leaving the country really isn’t even an option for us outside of winning this competition. Thank you so much for reading and I would appreciate your vote more than you know! Thank you.

  23. I would love to nominate myself… But i am coming there in December, so that seems selfish. I would like to nominate my step-sister Pam and her husband Mike. They have been thru so much in the past 5 years and never really complained. Mike has been laid off a couple of times and is now working the over night shift at a job he really just does not like. When my father got terminally ill 4 years ago and i needed to go be with him and move him from the hospital in Georgia to near me in Pennsylvania, Pam (her dad had JUST recently at that time married my mom) opened her home to me and took care of me while i was able to be there for my dad. Mike and Pam have 4 children. Pam has recently been diagnosed with some abnormalities in her thyroid glands and is scheduled for surgery next wednesday 9/29 to remove it. I think that with all that she and her family have been thru they truly deserve some rest and relaxation at one of the most beautiful resorts in mexico! this would leave her speechless, adn would be the BEST WAY i could ever say THANK YOU for all you did for me in order to allow me to be there when my dad needed me most and to be able to care for him in what turned out to be his last couple of years. I don’t know what else to say , except that i truly hope you will choose my step-sister Pam and her husband Mike for this amazign gift!!!!

  24. Very simple: I’d like my parents, who still can’t retire and must work despite them being 65 and 70.
    Fortunately, they are healthy and young at heart.
    But, they haven’t been able to travel much as they’ve worked, and worked, and worked.
    Winning this trip would be s fabulous way for them to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary in a very unusal, luxurious and exciting way.
    It would be very special to treat two regular folks to the vacation of their dreams, the one they’ve always had to postpone.
    Thank you for your time. Muchas Gracias:))

  25. My fiance and I deserve a vacation and have never been anywhere together. We work very hard to take care of our children and have little time and money to do anything extra. Recently engaged (memorial weekend) we have decided to have a destination wedding because it’s less expensive than planning one in our hometown. While searching for the perfect resort I found NOW resorts and fell in love with the Jade location. This vacation would be a great chance for us to get away together and to see the resort before the wedding. Pictures are lovely, but it’s much better to see exactly where a ceremony or reception would be held.

  26. I have been married for 20 years and have 5 beautiful children. Live has taken us through many challenges through health and finances. We got marriend young and didn’t get a honeymoon. my wedding day was a disaster. I had envisioned that day to be the best ever and it wasn’t. We had hoped to renew our wedding vows this year but loss my job last october. Finances and reaccuring health issues delay this time I have dreamed of. We have 5 kids so maybe just us could go, or I’m sure we would figure it out. We need our spirits lifted and our heart rejuvenated . Thank you!!

  27. I would love to nominate my family for this trip because my parents have given up everything for my and my sister. Not only financially but emotionally and mentally as well. I just graduated college and with the economy the way it is, I haven’t been able to find a job and with $80,000+ in debt, there is hardly any time that is play and not work. My sister, two years younger is also in college and racking up about the same bill, if not more. My mother also had to take a very significant pay cut and she and my father are stressed out about bills and what not, and I would just love to give our family the opportunity to forget about our troubles for a while and enjoy each others company since it has been quite a while since the four of us have been together, and it would really lift our spirits. Thanks!

  28. I am not nominating myself, as my fiance and I will be there for over a week in October for our honeymoon, but my sister. She’s the hardest working mother and wife I have ever met. Five kids later,a husband, working on her Master’s degree and she is still the best sister in the world to meand the best Maid of honor! I don’t have alot of money to give her what she deserves as being my maid of honor in my wedding so I figured maybe if I won this for her she would get to have a few days off from being a mom, and a student. Rachie if your reading this I also nominate myself to watch the kids while you are away so you and Owen can finally take a break. Love you 🙂

  29. I love Now Jade I have good memories of it! My husband and I took a vacation after 4 years of being married it was like the honeymoon we never had… It was awesome, I tell everybody about the resort it is clean beautiful and very friendly staff, I wish I can come back again soon…I am hoping I deserve this !!!
    It would be just magical to be able to rest at the pool and see the blue ocean so relaxing, have a nice cold drink. Or just taking a walk on the sand and play with my 2 year old making a castle that he’ ll probably destroy. Enjoying mexico’ s beauty.
    We Are just a family that would like to live happy moments in Now jade!!!
    I know there are many that deserve to win this!!!
    And believe me, who ever does it is an awesome price!!!

  30. In August of this year 8/9/10 my husband and I were married at now sapphire. We had the perfect dream wedding, everything we ever wanted and more! Since we’ve returned to the states all we do is talk about going back! This was our first vacation together and my first time out of the states! The kids did not join us and we would LOVE to take them and are ready to go back!!!! Also since we have been back our life has been nothing but chaos and we are in much much need for a vacation again, it shouldnt be this crazy for newly weds right??? We want to go back as soon as possible to the dream life we had while at now sapphire!!!!!!!

  31. I’d like to nominate my bestfriend/boyfriend for this. He is a respiratory therapist, a full time nursing student, works full time and raises two kids. He served in the US Army in the infantry and was in two wars. He is the most unselfish person I have ever met. He takes care of his parents who are not in the greatest of health. He gets about 3 to 4 hours a sleep a day because he’s either at work, school, or taking care of his family. He definitely needs a “break” from reality and a few days of paradise.

  32. My wife and I just celebrated our 3rd Anniversary this past week. Three years ago we went to Punta Cana for our Honeymoon and loved every minute of it. Over the past 3 years we have been planning a trip to Mexico but have not been able do so yet. We had agreed to go in the Winter/ Spring of 2011 to escape the Canadian winter as we felt we needed and deserved a relaxing vacation together.

    However it has been my wife’s dream to return to School finish her Degree and become a school teacher. So we decided to take the leap she is leaving her job in Dec and returning to Univ full time this January to complete her degree over the next few years and attend teachers college. To us realizing your life goals and dreams are more important then money and Dream vacations. So we had to give up our plans on our vacation to pay for her tuition but to us it is worth it.

    If I won this I would be able to surprise my wife a perfect gift and give her a few days to relax between her semesters which are running back to back so she can catch up.

  33. As a stay at home Mom to three year old twins, I don’t get out much. My husband works hard to provide for our family and allow me to devote my time to raising our family. With only 1 income, we don’t have alot of money to spend on a vacation. We also used our savings to do invitro fertilization to get our twins. We want to expose our kids to other cultures and winning a trip is the only way we can afford to do that right now. I was lucky to get a great deal in the Spring and my mom paid for me to take a girls trip to Now Jade Cancun. It was my first time away from my kids, and while I had a great time I couldn’t stop imagining being there with my family. I’d love to show them the beauty I found at Now Jade.

  34. My fiance and I have been together for 4 years now. The past four years has been amazing and also trying. Our relationship will with stand anything life has. Our four short years together, we lost my father, had many scares of losing his father. Both are mothers are already gone. Michael was unemplyeed for the first three years and now he is working three part time jobs. I am a full time teacher and finishing up my Masters degree in May. We keep busy with his two children that live with us.

    We vacationed for 3 days at the NOW JADE Riviera Maya last May and enjoyed it tremendously! Since we left, I have been dreaming of returning there for our wedding!

  35. 5 reasons why I our family, meaning “ME” needs to win a trip to the woderful.

    1. Work all day with a cranky waddling boss!

    2. Having to (stupervise) not supervise 6 other workers, who don’t know the meaning of the word work!!!!

    3. Cooking , cleaning, mopping, pot scrubbing, lawn cutting and tiolet scrubbing.

    4. The regularly scheduled after dinner homework fight. Plus the homework that i have to research just in order to help them!!(I am not smarter than a fifth grader)

    5. Dealings with husband( women out there, do i need to say more.

    help help i need “NOW RESORT” and possible a xanax!!

  36. I would like to nominate my son and his family for the free vacation.

    His wife had a stroke giving birth to ther youngest daughter (now 3 1/2). It was devastating for the whole family. With a lot of hard work and rehabilitation she is able to walk.

    Within the past year, they were able to bring the older sister (now 8) to the United States from El Salvador. It was a long hard road for them and very expensive.

    My son is a devoted father and husband. Nothing would make her happier than to be able to take his family to the Now Resorts.

    Oh yes! We are visiting the Now Jade October 25.

    See you there.

  37. I would like to nominate my sweet parents, Mike and Lee Ann Clark. My parents have been such a wonderful support to me and my two siblings for many years. They are now experiencing the highs and lows of life; becoming first-time grandparents, planning a wedding for the middle daughter, and preparing for the youngest to go off to college…all in June of next summer! Needless to say, they need a vacation! Please pick my parents for this wonderful opportunity. Thank you!

  38. I would love to win a stay at Now Sapphire for me and my husband in wonderful Mexico! We have had some issues with health but with the help of God, support of family and friends we are Now ready to celebrate! Life is Good!

  39. My husband and I just came down for our 10 year anniversary along w/ 6 friends. I have never had so much fun. It was the best vacations I have ever been on. We usually take a family vacation w/our childern but this year we just couldn’t do both. I would love for our family to be able to come back. We have two boys, 11 and 6. Both of them love the beach and the ocean….

  40. I can give you some reasons as to why my family needs this vacation..especially my husband and my mom…This past May my husbands mom lost her battle to cancer.. and it devastated you can imagine..and two months later my mothers battle has just begun. My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer in July and has been undergoing aggressive chemotherapy. and will be done hopefully in a few weeks…she does all this ..without a complaint and always has a smile on her face. She is my hero…and all she says is how she wishes she could go on a vacation and see my two kids on the beach…and for me well I am very worried about her and just trying to stay positive and hope and pray for the best. but i am very scared…..i try to keep positive for her and my kids..and try not to show my husband how much i am grieving because he is still mourning his own mother..i just want to see my mom happy …relaxing with her this point i feel like i dont know how long i am going to have her and its heart wrenching,,and for me to give her this gift while she is still here would be a god send…..thank you…

  41. Hi NOW Sapphire 🙂
    I would like to nominate my family for the 3 night vacation to your resort….why….because our lives have been crazy the last three months and we need a break NOW 🙂
    My boyfriend and I have been together for three years with our individual houses on the market. In August, I sold mine (yeah) two weeks later he rented his (yeah) and two weeks after that we moved two large houses into our cozy condo 🙂 We love our cozy condo but my daughter wasn’t so happy to “downsize”. It’s a difficult change for a 13 year old girl. She’s doing better and adjusting well…as time goes by. It would be wonderful to spend three days on a beautiful beach with her….she and we definitely deserve it 🙂
    Thanks Sapphire!!!

  42. I would like to nominate my brother’s family for this vacation. The morning of June 28th I received a phone call from the sheriff’s department asking me to come pick up family members because of a garage fire at their home. When I arrived 15 minutes later their whole home and both vehicles were engulfed in flames. Fortunately they made it out safely (including their dog Jack). They escaped with only their pajamas. They lived with my husband and for the next couple of months. Last month they found a rental home and will live there while they tear down and start the rebuilding process. We are all grateful for their safety, and “things” are being replaced bit by bit.

    My 2 nieces and nephew need some fun in their lives. My brother is a cancer survivor, and they have a special needs child. They don’t complain and are thankful for all the blessings they’ve been given. Think this opportunity to be near the ocean at this georgous resort would brighten their lives and give them time to heal as a family.

  43. I would love to nominate my parents for this vacation. My father lost is job a couple years ago at a paper mill in the next town over. Since then both of my parents have been working pretty much double time. My mom works at least 40 hours a week and my dad has 2 jobs to keep us in our home and to keep food on the table. Both of them deserve a great vacation where they can kick back and relax for a couple days with no worries.

  44. I would like to nominate my mother. I would like to nominate her because she is 50 years old and has never taken a vacation in her entire life or seen the beach. She only sees it on tv and always wonders what it’s really like. I was blessed to be able to finish school and begin a career and travel with my family my husband and I will be staying at the Now Jade Dec 11th-18th and when I told my mom she was happy for us but I wish she was able to go and see the beauty of our country. MEXICO!!!!

  45. We just returned from Now Jade from Oct 18-21. We had an amazing time and the staff took super great care of us, better than anywhere else we have ever been. Winning this vacation will just put us on cloud 9 and give us something to look forward to and plan for. We have already decided this will be our resort of choice for the future and we plan to visit a few times a year. If we win we will definitely extend the vacation as well because even after an 8 day stay this time it still never feels like enough. We have told all of our friends and recommend the hotel to everyone we talk to. Would also love to try a different one of your hotels and help promote the NOW experience.

  46. I would like to nominate my friend Monica and her family to win the free trip. My best friend got engaged in December 2007. As she and her fiance began planning their wedding, life took a surprising turn as she found herself unexpectedly pregnant at 24. They rushed to put their wedding together, and wed in Nov 2008 when she was 6 months pregnant. They never were able to take a honeymoon, and have spent all of their spare time and energy into raising their son. Their son is now a year and half and their second anniversary is coming up next month. I would like to nominate them to win this trip so they can finally go on the honeymoon they didn’t get to take and enjoy their first vacation together as a family.

  47. Now this could be viewed as somewhat selfish but I would like to nominate myself. I’m in my mid-20’s and have been dating the most amazing girl for about a year now. Unfortunately, since I am still starting out in my career I don’t have the funds for the extravagant vacation we have always wanted. I intend to marry this girl and I would love to treat her to the most amazing vacation experience before we make that final leap and I feel like the Now Jade Resort would be the perfect fit. I haven’t been on a vacation since I graduated college and would appreciate the time off to spend with my girlfriend. Please help me make it happen and allow us the opportunity to have the time of our life (and maybe even the chance to pop the big question!)

  48. I would like to nominate my friend Michaela and her family to win the free trip. She is my best friend and just got a new job and really needs a break. Her two children have never had a true family vacation and this would be thier first vacation together as a family.

  49. I would like to nominate one of my employees. She and her husband have had a hard few years. They have a 12yr old daughter. They have never been on a vacation. Her husband has been laid off his job on and off for the last several years. Also she and her husband have been taking care of her mother, (whom has had a stroke several years ago,) since this illness has struck her mother. My employee has been there whenever I have needed her to work for me whenever I have had to take off work for the illness and death of my own parents. She does not drive so she stays in our little town of 500 people and gets around on a bicycle or walks everywhere. They would be thrilled upon speechless if they were selected to have this vacation.

  50. I nominate my family for this vacation as our lives have turned upside down in the past few months. Our beautiful niece, Selena (7) has come to join our family, as she was taken from her mother due to drug use. Our once family of 4 has now turned to a family of 5; and money was already tight!! We really could use this time to bond with our niece and be able to experience a trip of a lifetime with her!!! This wouold be something she has never been able to experience before in her 7 years of horriffic living conditions. We would love to have this opportunity to just get away from lifes problems and enjoy life in leisure with no worries!! Thank you for you consideration.

  51. Hi NOW JADE! I would like to nominate myself, my sister and her 4 years old gorgeous daughter for the 3 night vacation at your resort. The reason is very simple: we want to come back because we had the most amazing time at JADE! It was a pure joy and relaxation to be there. I won’t write about sad things I experienced because we, people, are all affected by tragic events at some point of our lifes. I always try to think positively and see positive sides of everything that happens. I just want to say that I work a lot and I go to graduate school. I’m extremely busy but I really enjoy my life. I love my work, I like studying and I love dancing. I always try to find some time to go out with my friends, dance and enjoy myself. And now, I will have to find some time to come to your resort and experience it again! I love your Mexican Fiesta! I don’t know if I deserve such vacation more than other people. All I know is that I will definitely come back to your resort again even though someone else wins. So see you soon NOW JADE!

  52. I would like to nominate my parents. Last August my mother and I got invited to Now Sapphire Cancun with my uncle and aunt. My mother had never been to a resort before and began to cry when we arrived. She was planned to go to a resort in Hawaii about five years ago with my cousins but my brother got diagnosed with cancer. He died the following year so we had to cancel. My mother has been through a lot in her life with my brother being autistic and having a complete transplant when he was young. Now she seems to be getting through it a lot better and when we were in Cancun I noticed how excited and happy she really was. My parents haven’t gone away on a vacation since their honey moon exactly 30 years ago because they would always have to worry about my autistic brother. If I could, I would buy them two tickets to Cancun, but I don’t have the money. I really think my mother should win this trip because she deserves it and I want nothing but the best for my mother and I know for a fact that Now Sapphire Cancun can provide that for her.

  53. I would love a free vacation to NOW Sapphire because I am a nurse, which takes a lot of hard work and is not always easy. Sometimes you just need a break to get away for yourself and have a blast, which is definitely something that I did at the resort the last time I was there. :o)

  54. It’s my 5 year wedding anniversary soon, and my brother just celebrated his 10 year wedding anniversary at Now Riviera. Would love to start a tradition

  55. I would like to nominate my cousin and her family. My cousin’s mother passed away two years ago from cancer and my cousin and her husband and two children deserve a well needed vacation. They got married the same month her mother died and have never been on their honeymoon. They definitely deserve this vacation for being good-hearted and strong survivors of all the things they have been through together.

  56. My parents deserve such a wonderful gift. They are always there for our family from guiding us when we became parents to celebrating our accomplishments or helping us overcome the loss of my mother-in-law. The year we got married, they celebrated 30 years of marriage. With preparations for the wedding, they were not able to plan a trip for their own special day. We have always wanted to make that up to them but could never afford to do something so special. They recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. But again, they made no plans and watched our three-year-old daughter while my husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary at Now Jade. They are an inspiration to me as individuals, a couple and as parents. We are blessed and thankful and would love for them to celebrate 40 years of marriage at the Now Jade.

  57. First & foremost, let me begin by saying “Thank You…” After reading the previous entries on this blog my feelings for Now Jade Riviera have only been solidified. My long-time love and life partner Karen, convinced me into taking my very FIRST trip to Mexico earlier this year. We booked a week at Now Jade. From the moment we set foot onto the property, I was in TOTAL amazement!! The resort was nothing short of phenomenal. The service was the BEST I’ve ever had in my life..on any other vacation. We were immediately wisked away to the Preferred Club, and were waited on..hand & foot. The spa is impeccable!! Karen had massages, and even had her hair styled! We loved Senses, Pure, and the buffet for breakfast. Our suite was TO DIE FOR…with a Jacuzzi on the balcony! The staff was absolutely INCREDIBLE, and went FAR & BEYOND to make sure we had everything we desired. We were on a first-name basis with our servers, and we especially loved Fransisco at the beach bar & infinity pool. We thoroughly enjoyed the LIVE MUSIC in the lobby in the evening, as well as the “FUEGO” fire show in the courtyard. Now Jade helped us create memories of a lifetime!! I have since referred 3 other couples to Now Jade, and they have ALL all LOVED it..and I will continue to refer people to such an amazing place! Being in the marketing industry, it is hard for me to NOT spread the word about Now Jade….it is such a breath-taking experience!!!
    My 2 sons, Matthew & Logan have never had the chance to go to the beach, & I do not foresee being able to take them while they are still young. I would love NOTHING more than to give the gift of a Now Jade vacation to them.
    I ask for consideration for your vacation giveaway, so that Now Jade can make my sons DREAM VACATION a reality…the same way you did MINE!!!!
    I apologize in advance for not writing a pitiful “my life stinks” entry here….I have NOTHING bad to say! ha ha All that I can say, is that I feel very fortunate to have spent my vacation at Now Jade Riviera!! I tip my hat (that i bought in Puerto Morelos) to you!!!!

    David M. Mitchell

    To see MY dream vacation experience at Now Jade, log onto my Facebook page..there is a HUGE folder of AMAZING photos from our trip!!

  58. I would like to nominate my parents, Michael and Cindy, who celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary last December. I, their only child, was married just a few weeks after their big milestone, so their silver celebration was somewhat overshadowed by the stresses of my impending wedding. My parents celebrated with a nice dinner and a quiet night at home, far less than they deserved. Just a few months later, my father was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident which resulted in him staying in ICU for almost a month. As their only child, I know that this accident not only injured my father, but also devastated my mother. However, six months later, both my parents have recovered through their love and devotion to each other. I can think of no couple more deserving of a once in a life time vacation than my parents because I know that both of them have a new understanding of the precious nature of life itself and their life together.

  59. Before becoming parents, my husband and I loved to travel. We visited 2 Secrets resorts and Dreams in PV. We were blessed with a little girl 2 1/2 years ago. She was extremely ill last year and was hospitalized 7 times in 2009. She had surgery in Dec of 09, and has great improvement since then. We would love to share our love of travel with her, but can’t afford to because of numerous medical bills. We would love to take her on a wonderful vacation, because “NOW” is her time.

  60. Plain and simple…I would love a vacation…in Canada…this time of year, it gets cold…so the idea of 3 nights of warmth appeals to this Canadian. Truth be known, I’d live in Mehico all year round if I could. I promise to be even happier than I already am if I win. I also plan to make others laugh while I am there. I will not only enjoy the pool but also trot or gallop like a horse in the ocean…as long as there is no jelly fish around to sting me.

    Pick me…smile today and everyday..ahhhhh Mexico….SI!!!


  61. I would love to win a vacation here because my husband is all about fishing trips and never wants to go with me to these wonderful beachy resorts! I work so hard at my job,,standing on my feet all day and barely sitting down for 10 minutes to scarf down food so a vacation like this for me would be heaven!! If i did win this trip,,i would probably like to take my mother too since my dad has never liked to fly and therefore my mom has never been out of midwest region or wherever they can drive to! She is the best and I would love to treat her to something special like this since she does so much for me and always has!

  62. I would love to win this vacation because I am single and have never been married and therefore never went on any honeymoon type vacation. Since i have only one income coming in,,it’s too hard for me to take time off of work to even think about going on vacation like this. I struggle so much doing on my own to pay my bills,and no one helps me out and a vacation like this would be so relaxing and just what i need. I also work on my feet all day as well and it’s so hard on the body never really getting to sit for even 10 minutes!!!!! I’ve just been really stressed lately with so much and i hope you consider choosing me for this trip,,thank you*

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  64. I’m voting for contestants #1! Anyone who has suffered so many great losses deserves a little r & r! They are such good people and would benefit so much for a little time away.

  65. #1

    Can you imagine Landie looking into her neice/hephews eyes and always seeing her sister. And then her father looks in both their eyes and see’s his wife and daughter.

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