Night Out Dine Around

Are you a foodie? Have you always wanted to visit our sister properties while on vacation? Well, then we have great news for you! Now Resorts & Spas is proud to announce our Night Out Dine Around Package. It is an exciting way for guests to enjoy dinner and an evening of entertainment at a neighboring Now Resort & Spa.

The Night Out Dine Around Package is available for guests of the following resorts in Mexico:

Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun
Now Jade Riviera Cancun

In order to participate, guests will need to speak to their resort concierge, who will make all the necessary arrangements, including restaurant selection, arrival and return times. All the guest needs to take care of is the cost of transportation to and from the resort. The program is good for an evening of dining and entertainment during your stay with us!

If you’re visiting us soon, be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity and come enjoy an evening filled with delicious food and great entertainment!

3 thoughts on “Night Out Dine Around

  1. will there be a charge for this??? Does the resort supply the transportation or do we have to pay for taxi service ?/

    • Hi Marie, there is no charge for our Night Out Dine Around package, however guests who wish to take advantage of this opportunity are responsible for their own transportation. Just speak to the concierge upon your arrival and they will help make all of the arrangements!

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