Phillies Phancation at Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun!

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Hey Phillies phans – we’ve got a phantastic trip planned for you at Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun! We invite you to join Apple Vacations and the Philadelphia Phillies for a “Phillies Phancation”. Guests can choose to depart on January 2, 2014 for a 7-night stay, or on January 5, 2014 for a 4-night stay.

This will be a baseball-themed extravaganza, hosted by Phillies Director of Public Affairs, Scott Palmer. Other attending guests include: #9 Left Fielder, Domonic Brown; #31 Catcher, Erik Kratz; #49 Veteran (’90-’95) Pitcher, Tommy Greene; and #19 Veteran (’70-’80) Left Fielder, Greg Luzinski. And that’s not all! Our favorite furry, green friend, the Phillie Phanatic, will be making his way down to Mexico!

Our special guests in attendance to the Phillies Phancation!

Our special guests in attendance to the Phillies Phancation!

Guests who attend this phabulous vacation will enjoy the following Phillies-themed accommodations, amenities and activities:

  • A non-stop round-trip flight on the Phillies Express from Philadelphia to Cancun, Mexico via Frontier Airlines.
  • Deluxe hotel accommodations at Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun
  • FREE Non-stop, round-trip transfers to and from resort
  • ALL meals, ALL drinks, ALL snacks and ALL tips in resort (and its wristband free!)
  • Phancation group photo and Special Phancation gift
  • Private welcome party, beach party, photo sessions, autograph sessions and games with our special guests!
  • Phancation member ID for entry to the private events
  • One FREE round of golf per adult

Visit the “Phillies Phancation” website to learn more!

Day Trips at Now Jade and Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun: The Underwater Museum

Cancun, Mexico is world-renowned as an excellent vacation destination and is known for its natural beauty.  Something less-known is that Cancun now has an extraordinary museum fusing man-made art into the natural wonders and beauty of the Caribbean Sea.  Guests at Now Jade Riviera Cancun and Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun Resorts & Spas can plan an extraordinary day trip to the Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun, MUSA which exhibits sunken sculptural masterpieces made by artist Jason Taylor, for visitors to visit on an underwater journey.  These utilitarian sculptures, while being impressive pieces of art in their own right, are made of environmentally safe and water-resistant materials in order to host reef growth over time.  Ultimately, this museum is an ultra-cool conservation project that happens to make quite an exciting day trip while in Cancun.  We would even say this is a one-in-a-lifetime experience, but the ever-changing and growing nature of the museum is meant for visitors to return over time to see the progress of the reef’s growth.


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The sculptures in the museum display realistic real scenes of the people of Mexico doing everyday activities like laying down, working and reading – the list goes on and on.  The likeness to actual people is unbelievable – sculptures look like actual moments frozen in time – and surrounded by schools of fish, of course!  Over time, however, coral will begin to grow on the sculptures and will blur out the realistic features, creating an eerie degradation of people as the ocean life takes over.


Photo courtesy of

We can’t urge guests coming to Now Jade Riviera Cancun and Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun enough to consider this day trip during their visit to Cancun – it is really an extraordinary sight for nature and art lovers alike.  The park can be viewed while scuba diving, snorkeling, or on a glass bottomed boat, so this amazing park is accessible to anyone, whether you prefer to stay nice and dry with a drink in hand or plunge into adventures without looking back!

Talk to your concierge today about planning a trip to the Underwater Museum!

Packing for Your Family Vacation

It can be quite the task to pack for a family vacation. After hours of planning and packing, even the most prepared parents find themselves questioning, “What am I forgetting?”

To help make packing a little easier for a family trip to Now Resorts & Spas, we’ve put together a list of must have items when traveling with kids.

1. Blue painter’s tape. This is a great item to pack if you are traveling with infants and toddlers. It can be used in a variety of ways, including child-proofing electrical sockets or hanging up your child’s artwork in your hotel room that they make during their stay.

2. Thin duffel bag. Let’s be honest, packing lightly with kids is nearly impossible. There is nothing worse than getting all the way up to the ticket counter and finding out your check-in bag is too heavy. Not only does a duffel come in handy if you need to lighten your check-in bag, but it’s also great if you buy one too many souvenirs on your trip and need a way to bring them home.

3. Antibacterial wipes. I’m sure that almost every parent realizes what an important traveling necessity these are, but we thought we’d tell you once more. You can never have enough wipes! They can be used to kill germs on your hands, your child’s hands and your child’s toys which will inevitably end up on the floor of the plane.

4. Ziploc Bags. Stock up on zip-lock bags before your trip. You’d be surprised how many ways you can use these while traveling. Ziploc bags are perfect for snacks, leak-tight carriers, protecting important documents and keeping small items organized (like tiny socks and underwear).

5. Extra clothes. Accidents are bound to happen while traveling, so you should bring along an extra set of clothes for you and your children. Whether it be spit up, food, juice or a messy diaper, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in dirty clothes while traveling. After all, you can never be too prepared!

Do you have any recommendations for must have items when traveling with kids?

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Cancun is the No. 1 Top Travel Destination

According to Budget Travel magazine, Cancun is the No. 1 top destination for U.S. travel abroad.  Located along a sun-drenched beach and just steps from the sparkle of a clear blue sea, Now Jade Riviera Cancun is the perfect getaway.

Featuring five premium specialty restaurants and six bars, an expansive pool, a sugar white beach with crystal clear waters, and various activities for the entire family, Now Jade offer guests Ultimate Luxury® any time of the year.  Book your unforgettable vacation today at Now Jade!

Now Jade Riviera Cancun

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It’s Our 10 Year Celebration & You’re Invited!


As a special thank-you to our loyal guests who have been instrumental in our decade of continued success, we are offering special savings and a give-away to celebrate AMResorts’ 10th Anniversary!

For now until September 10th for travel through December 23rd, 2011, guests can save up to 50% on their Unlimited-Luxury® experience at any of our three Now Resorts & Spas. To top it off, you can bring up two kids free and we’ll throw in resort coupons for discounted resort extras.

Book now – this offer won’t last.

Now here’s your opportunity to join the celebration!

Enter now for your chance to win your very own 7-night stay in a Presidential Suite at one of your favorite Now Resorts & Spas!


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Traveler’s Night In: Live in the Moment NOW

Yesterday was an exciting day for Now Resorts & Spas. We love participating in the weekly Traveler’s Night In tweet-up (#TNI) from Zip Set Go, and decided it was time to get in on the action and sponsor a #TNI.  Our motto at Now Resorts & Spas is “Live in the Moment” and we thought this would make a perfect topic for a lively Twitter conversation.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with #TNI, it is a weekly Twitter chat with a new travel topic each week. The conversation takes place every Thursday from 3:30 – 5:00 pm EST, with a new travel-related question tweeted out every 10 minutes tagged with #TNI.

We thought we’d make this week’s #TNI even more exciting by giving away a free 3-night stay to one of our resorts to one lucky participant. The only requirement to win was to follow @NowResorts on Twitter and use the #Now hashtag during #TNI. Congrats again to @LynneRosie who won the big prize!

Here are the questions from this week’s #TNI.

  1. Where are you #Now? Where do you wish you were? #TNI
  2. Scariest moment in your travels? #TNI #Now
  3. Best/worst smelly moment while traveling? #TNI #Now
  4. Most awe-inspiring travel moment? Pic? #TNI #Now
  5. Tell us your most decadent travel moment? #TNI #Now
  6. Does being ‘connected’ inhibit you staying in the #Now? #TNI
  7. Living in the #Now…Best kiss on the road? Location? #TNI
  8. Travel moment you most want to re-live? #TNI #Now
  9. Tips for capturing perfect travel moments? #TNI #Now
  10. Most spontaneous travel moment ever? #TNI #Now

Want to know more? Check out Vagabond3 World Travel Blog for all the details! Don’t forget to tune in next week for another exciting travel topic on #TNI!