Wordless Wednesday: A Wedding Photo Collage

In honor of one of our favorite days, Wordless Wednesday, we wanted to share this gorgeous photo collage with you from a recent wedding at Now Sapphire Rivera Cancun. These beautiful photos were taken by Verve Photo Co.

Are you planning your destination wedding with us soon? If so, tell us about it in a comment!

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11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: A Wedding Photo Collage

  1. I had my wedding at the Now Sapphire this past March and it was absolutely wonderful! I can not say enough great things about the whole experience. Congrats to all of you that are in the process of plannig your wedding there! :-)

  2. We were married at the Now Sapphire in January. It was absolutely perfect and with the exception of the pen incident it went off without a hitch. The staff there was excellent and we can’t wait to get back there

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  4. We are planning to get married at Now Sapphire in end of February or beginning of March 2013, if we can find a date. I hope we haven’t waited too long because I love this resort.

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